Channel Demonfire

Should be baseline for destro

The rotation is boring af and needs something else. Losing dimensional rift was quite a blow for destro, and as much as I’d like to see it return, I doubt it ever will simply because it’s from the artifact

However I think channel demonfire would be a really great addition to destructions base toolkit, and it would help round out the rotation a bit so it doesn’t feel so polarizing between st, cleave, and aoe


Nah full moon came for boomies from artifact, plenty of other classes got stuff too. Blizz is legit just lazy and doesnt care about locks.

Dimensional rift needs to be a talent, and channel demonfire should be channellable while moving

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People use channel demonfire?


Not anymore :frowning:

Which is a shame because it’s really cool

Yes, the rotation is kind of one-dimensional.

But Baseline Channel Demonfire is the most awful, lazy and uninteresting way of trying to make it more interesting.

It’s like trying to make Vanilla Ice Cream more interesting by sprinkling it with sugar.

It’s not making it more interesting, its not adding interactions, the Spec(And the Ice Cream) is still the same one-note thing as before, but with 1 more button(more sugar).

Now, there is no sin on a spec being simple some would say that Destruction simplicity is a strenght, but trying to make it more complex by just adding buttons is something that don’t add anything of value to it.

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I think blizz is afraid to give locks any toys because they always end up very powerful. I am hoping though with the new talent tree coming up that we will have the opportunity to use all the abilities we want and not have to make a choice

What would make it even more useful is if it can be cast on the move. Destro lacks one ability which can be done while moving. Either immolate or CDF. Otherwise I always found CDF a little clunky since it’s 3 seconds when you’re not casting anything else. It was the combination of the cinders leggo with roaring blaze talent which made it useful for a while.