Changing your Second Pet

Hey, gang. I have a Dran Hunter that I love, and for flavor my Main Pet is the big T-Rex from Un’goro. I named him Stabby after the classic line from Fat Tony on The Simpsons - “I don’t get mad. I get … stabby.”

I have since gotten Horridon, whom I want as my second pet. Yes, yes - Two Dinos, because Of Course.

But the game only lets me have one at a time, paired with my Ravager from the early levels there at the Exodar (named Frank Castle - yes, the Punisher).

Is there ANY way I can keep it from summoning Frank? I’ve tried Stabling him, I’ve even been looking at how to Release him for good, and that seems to be gone now. How do I get my two dinos at once?


The pet you want summoned from the Animal Companion talent has to be in the first slot in the pet stables. (Not the first slot of your active pets but the actual stabled ones)

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Ask a guard where the stable master.
Click on . I want to stable my pet.
Drag the pets to the boxes.

In order to have two out you need the Artfact for Beastmaster.
Then a swapblaster to copy the one dino to the Wolf.

That’s not a thing anymore, and hasn’t been since the BfA prepatch. The Legion artifact has no power anymore.

Having two out requires the Animal Companion talent on the first row. The Swapblaster has no interaction, and for that matter had no interaction with the artifact. You’re thinking of the Essence Swapper, but it doesn’t work with the Animal Companion talent, it only worked with Hati from the artifact (which doesn’t function anymore, so the Essence Swapper is effectively useless).

The pet that the Animal Companion talent picks is, as Pburr stated, the first slot in your Stable.


Okay, that was completely counterintuitive - I would never have guessed. Silly me, I thought the Stable would be the one you DIDN’T want to use.

Some times, this game makes Zero Damn Sense.

Thanks, all!!!

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It is a little weird in that sense. But if it wasn’t that way then we would have to restrict one of our 5 active pets to being that Animal Companion pet. Essentially just making us have 4 active pets instead of 5.

This way you can have 5 different pets for whatever you want to use and have the AC pet be static.

Honestly, I do kinda wish they’d just make it so it let us call two separate pets at once or something. Having it be static by the first stable slot is a bit silly, imo. If you’re trying to run matching pets, it means only one of your 5 will actually match.

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