Changing ilvl on 7th Legion Vender Ring

I dunno. My hearth is currently a 9 minute cooldown. I guess I don’t jump around enough to use it more often than that.

The 300 medals I would still have when I decided I didn’t want a 380 are not obsolete. I learn to live with it. Not even worth a canned ticket response. I just think it’s a shady deal that I got the short end of

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Uh, so my ring is 395. I don’t know where you’re seeing it as 380.

Maybe an addon bug.

Yeah, the teleport is why I’m saving up for it.

I was saving for it at 395, if they have dropped it I"ll just not bother with it.

395 is even marginal to tempt me.

I seldom need another hearth. much rather have the hearth gone and have more stats of use on the ring.

I have zero addons. Curse not even downloaded on new machine. If I’m mistaken (hope I am) Great. Showing 380 when I’m 100% sure it was 395 for awhile until tonight

Hmm I looked at your ring and cant help but notice it has mag’har orcs listed with the alliance races lol.

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OP you might be experiencing a UI issue cause the ring wasn’t changed and mine still shows 395.

Try some of the usual troubleshooting steps of refreshing your cache, or resetting your UI to fix that.


What you get for peekin on me!

it still shows up on the vendor as an ilvl 395 item

Deleting Wbd in cache seems to have returned it to 395. tyvm for clearing that up Yth. With the cast time change I made an assumption, and we all know that one.

So quick nerds are to spread hate unto Blizzard, who has been making an epic expansion tbh…


What makes me a nerd? What hate did I spread?

We’re all nerds cause we play WoW. Be proud!

Its a shame the teleport is no longer instant…


You should get DBM…it’s kinda the most useful addon ever.

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Its 395 with critic/haste i am sure for many specs out there its quite attractive to be worn than to be kept in the bag :+1:

In any case i am collecting teleport rings on characters other than mages , gotta make use of the bigger bags we get every expansion :smiley:

I am hoping that they increase it to 410 with the patch? :wink: I want it but I don’t want to waste medals if it is going to be something that is replaced fairly quickly.

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I was excited about something, so they killed it to get me back to disgruntled.