Changes We Would Like to See

There are certain aspects to Pet Collection (not necessarily Pet Battling) that I would like to see. And I hereby invite all members of the Pet Battling Community to share their suggestions.

—Warlords of Draenor, the Menagerie Pets: take away the requirement that we have to type “delete” in other to destroy a pet. Once upon a time, this requirement made sense. These were good pets and could be sold for a tidy sum. However, a few nerfs later, such as what happened to Ghastly Kid, and the fact that the market is saturated, and these pets just ain’t so good any more.

It’s just annoying. Yes, I am sure I want to destroy these pets every time I get one. I have all I need. Moreover, so does everyone else.

Better still, make them salable. There other pet drops that are allowed to be vendored, such as those from the Island Adventures in BfA. So, why not these?

—Do away with Soulbound and make them Account-bound. These reason being is that some of these pets can still be sold at the AH, but I prefer to have one particular alt do the sales. So, instead of caging my own pet (to make room for the pet I want to send to an alt), adding the pet I want to send to another toon, logging on to my other toon, caging the pet, then putting it on the AH, or giving it to someone else, etc. then having to log back onto the original toon to add my caged pet back to the roster, I can just mail the pet to another toon.

Just make them account-bound, like our pet stones and pet charms, so that we can send them to alts instead of this cumbersome and annoying system of using our pet roster. Please?

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I just wish there was a “pro-mode” that allowed me to do battles at 75% increased speed.

Once you’re used to the system and are over the “new-ness” of the animations … O M G they just take TOOOOOO long.

I hate to whine about cutting an avg 3 min fight down to 1min … but … some of the animations just take entirely too long.


If you’ve ever done a Squirt encounter with Boneshard and the Enchanted Broom, his three consecutive Bonestorms, plus his resurrection for the immortal round, get so tedious.

The time was when that was the only routine I ever used.

So, I know exactly what you mean.

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You have added steps here you do not need. You can cage your current pet, learn the new one, then cage the new one and mail it to your alt to AH whenever you get over to that toon. Yes, still needs cage/learn/cage but saves on logging to multiple toons

I ended up making a macro to type in “DELETE” after 8 months of Zereth Mortis and hundreds of useless drops that just dressed up a little metal ball. Which you had to confirm you really didn’t want cluttering up your bags. So I can appreciate the annoyance factor.

Keep in mind though that this is a safety measure to keep someone from accidentally grabbing the wrong item and throwing away something they didn’t intend to. Overkill, yeah, but has saved me a couple times when I was distracted. Maybe an Option to turn off a required confirmation but let players choose.

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You’re assuming my alts are on the same server. This is why I said, “account-bound.”

When I wish to give a pet away to a new Pet Battler, for instance, I create an alt on their server. You cannot mail pets to alts on different servers.

I get that, but I think in the case of Menagerie Pets, it’s outlived its usefulness.

There is a addon that bypasses the need to type in delete whenever you have that screen pop up. I’m not at my computer but i believe it is Leatrix. It also does various other quality of life improvements.

I would like to see more gear, perhaps a backpack, which randomly displays one of your favorited pets. Perhaps a shoulder on which a tiny whelp can perch. Perhaps a backpack like the Murloc pack from the Blizz Store in which a pet sits. The pet would have to be scaled to fit appropriately and maybe not all pets would work with it, but I would like the aesthetic.


I like the Safari Hat, and for the bonus it gives us. It’s definitely a toy worth having.

But can we kill the graphic on it, please? It ruins my mog. I didn’t spend a half an hour fishing for Lord Godfrey’s spectacles only to have them removed because I clicked on a toy that allows me to get a pet experience bonus.


Simple solution I found, take it off except in pet battles.

It would be neat if it were treated like crafting gear in DF: you can tell an NPC to hide it except if you’re “crafting” (i.e., in a pet battle).

We have the technology.


and here I sit the fool who always forgets, until I am about halfway through my levelling queue when Super Squirt shows up, that I even have the Safari Hat

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Excuse me, but is there a reason you’re doing this? You’ve contributed absolutely nothing to this discussion and instead to choose to diss the requests of others.

There is a word for people who do this, and coincidentally, it’s also the name of a certain Horde playable race.

I’m certain that you, in your entire experience in playing WoW, have never once forgotten to click on a useful item before engaging in an activity where such a clickie was supposed to be useful. But for those of us who do occasionally forget, it might be useful to just click on the item once and forget it’s there, rather than clicking off this item when we don’t want the graphic and then click on it for every pet battle.

We pay in-game gold to have our mogs. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that a clickie item intended for an XP bonus not overwrite them.

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I have over 30k pet charms. Just buy the bags for the family pet stones and I never have to level a new pet. 12 stones are nearly instant.

I would like to see a Casual PvP mode where wins don’t count towards any achievement

Then I could use different/fun/creative/unique teams without feeling/knowing I’m gonna get stomped by a Sand/Dark meta team or whatever because someone is trying to grind wins.

Also expand the pet battle matchmaking parameters to include everyone no matter the size or depth of their collection (this goes hand in hand with Casual mode). Just because someone has a big and leveled collection of pets doesn’t mean they’re “better” than someone with a smaller or less leveled collection. So let them face each other.


Not so much a change, but I would like to see some work done on the cage, the percentage catch chance seems to be off and I wouldn’t mind a quest/achievement to up the chance rate even more.


The main addition I want, as I have outlined elsewhere, is one “puzzle” battle a day - a Tamer-level battle that is randomized.

Each day, a Tamer would get three Rare or Epic level pets, using existing species. The pets would remain constant throughout the day, but the ability selection and rotation would change between attempts.

I want a daily puzzle - a Wordle!

I would love to see PvP become fun and attractive, but while I see ways to improve it, I don’t have confidence that any of them would actually make for a consistently fun game. Short of that, this daily puzzle would be nice.


I love this idea!

A bit late to the party here, but I’ll say it again…Blizz needs to sprinkle a lot more wild pet spawn locations all over the zones. The last 3-4 expansions have been brutal finding good areas to go around and level pets.

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