Changes to Purchasable Game Time Options

I grew up under similar conditions. I use to be really hard on others because I was was able to get out of those conditions. I assumed anyone could if I did. I’ve grown since then and realized we are all different.


Implied consent is a legal term, it is basically ‘good will’. We all know they have no good will left, therefore in order for subs to return it would take a written legal agreement. Otherwise they can call it wow but this is no longer that product. Which makes it a fraud of sorts.

1- Let me introduce you to a real life issue called Financial Inclusion
2- What people choose to do with their credit cards is none of your business
3- check point 1


After reading comment and ignoring the fools, I understand.

They not getting rid of 30/90/180 sub. They removing the one time purchases, other then the 2 month (60days) one.

dumb but nothing new or that bad. As a comment I saw they maybe want people to forget about their sub. Which might be it but even so this isn’t that bad. You can still buy tokens to.

They fix tons of bugs, every week, just cause some havent doesnt mean they never do.

And if you think its poor quality, and other companies do it better, then quit the game, and go to those other games then.

If you deem wow a worse game then other games, go play those other games.

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The 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month subscription options are unaffected and can all still be found here:

WoW Tokens are also unaffected here in the Shop:

This person is basically Paris Hilton using that “Stop being poor” shirt


yes cause we all know people who are so poor they cant afford electricity, internet, food, or water, their main concern, is playing world of warcraft.


Why do you keep answering this question, but not the ones that clearly ask WHY are you making this change.


Thanks for saying the same thing again.


I’ve read :

" This change may also impact bots using the WoW Token to pay for game time, as botting has been a large problem across WoW Retail and Classic. balance can be used to pay for game time, but it cannot be used to purchase a recurring subscription."

your system cant destroy that bott right? come on blizzard even if you omit the 30 day subs, they’ll still be around , if you don’t make your system any more sophisticated than this.

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you are using legal terms you know nothing about, it is literally nothing at all fraud.
And yes it is literally still wow, calling it wow is not in any way even in imaginary land “fraud”

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because they are not allowed to?
If the post itself does not say why, the post made by the company, i doubt a random Cm can.

Man, you missed it. That went over your head. WAAAAAAAY over.

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LOL you haven’t played SLs? There’s no ocean or coastal areas, it is a HUGE removal of previous content.

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They’re complaining about $30 like they haven’t spent $15 a month for the last 15 years LOL

You can afford all those 4 and banks can still deny you from having a credit card


Then they can say that, why do you speak for Blizzard so much? Are you Ion?


they constantly get rid of bots, but the bot situation is an arms race, as they ban bots new ones appear with new systems, so they ban them, but new ones come.
Bots are like a computer virus, its a constant arms race to try and catch up to the other.

no, they cant say, i literally just told you why.