Changes to Purchasable Game Time Options

except there is obviously confusion… he literally responded to the people who are confused.

There are no new game contents been added after Shadowland published after 6 months or longer, and you guys canceling the 30 days subscription? My thought is Blizzard needs the money, and here is how you guys do “We are not going make the game better or adding new content, but we don’t want to lose any player, so we force you guys to pay 60 days sub”. Good job, Blizzard.


Please revert the change.


I think they should bold or otherwise emphasize that this isn’t affecting subs. It would help cut down on the confusion.

??? No it does not, if you gift sub time the card info stays on your account not theirs.

I would like to point out if you are doing what you are implying you are doing, logging into another players account to enter your credit card info, that is against the TOS.

This is correct. The subscription options are unchanged here on the Shop:

The change mentioned in the original post only impacts the Game Time option found here:


Facts. I just want to buy it with gold.


Whoever answered doesn’t make these decisions and don’t like or dislike. I’m sure they were given some canned reply to spam.


Get a credit card
Get a debit card with a credit card built in
Buy prepaid credit cards at your local walmart/shoppers drugmart/macs milk/etc

Let’s just all look at this for what it probably is, Blizzard cannot stop the botting problem, so they are looking to make more money off of it.

Botter gets banned, uses gold to get another 30 days, gets banned repeat. Now botters will pay twice as much for game time.


Really hoping people forget to cancel their subs huh?


This fiscally doesn’t matter to me but, I really don’t like this practice. People shouldn’t be forced into this change or should be allowed to be grandfathered in.

This company is out of touch with its core base, so many poor decisions lately.


you can still buy 30 day sub time, they are not cancelling 30 day sub time.
Also shadowlands has only been out 4 months.

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If that was the case, why did they remove the 90 and 180 day options, then?

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But I want to keep giving out likes to people against this change… :frowning:


To reduce selling of gametime as a means to sell gold. Those options are discounted, 60 days isn’t. They make more money.

ya and get hit even harder with exchange rates/processing fees (pre-paids get TAXED up here, bnet balance cards do NOT): i used to do that before but stopped cus it costs me even MORE using those. bnet balance cards are cheaper. such bs. how tf can you defend them, seriously.

  1. It’s not great entertainment value to reduce the amount of game time purchase options.
  2. You say you’ve reviewed but you haven’t actually explained any of the logic behind this which just makes it look very consumer unfriendly rather than anything else.

It makes me financially less likely to play because I’ll be “um, kid 3, let’s go play Fornite instead of leveling because it’s been 45 days since we last played WoW together and this is the only weekend in the next month we can for sure play” whereas before I’m “sure, $15 to play in WoW with you for at least this weekend? Worth it.”


if people want to they can sub, then RIGHT AWAY unsub, and they wont be charged next month

Players can also sub, and if they forget, then they notice they get charged on their bank account contact blizz and get it refunded if they havent played since it charged, or even shortly after. there is multiple ways to make sure you dont pay for wow time you dont want.

“what country does not have pre-paid credit cards?”
“what human does not have a bank account?”
“why wouldnt you use a credit card”
“You can still buy reccuring 30/90/180 day time”

There you go


If they do revert, I bet they will say something like… “Blizzard - We listened to our community and we decided to revert the change”

Create drama, revert the change, say its because they listened to their community… xD