Changes to Death Knight Character Creation Restrictions Coming - Week of March 20th

better late than never

This should have been in at launch day 1.


I’m re-subbing


I guess there is going to be a decrease in Classik DK trolls in the forums

Holy moly you guys were not exaggerating. I apologize for doubting.

clever way to make US$ 1,800,000 (considering average ppl pay the 15 dollars/month sub) in few months, Blizzard. Everybody got what they needed, the botters got enough gold for generations and your coffins got almost two million dollars. Too late for this ban wave… We, the players, are warning since the BEGINNING of WotLK Classic and no positioning, no blue post (since now) not even in-game mail greeting because you guys took action against reported bots. Blizzard and bots had their profits, the only one that have lost something were us the players because the game turned to be almost unplayable, AH broken, Battleground infested with broken armor OBVIOUS Dk bots, and so on. So yeah, things will get better after they ruined our in-game experience.


It’s good that they got banned but it’s pretty crazy that there was a minimum of 120k malicious accounts to ban, we really need a few real GMs in game to handle this, Warden can’t do all of the work by itself.


1.8mil in revenue per month tho.

Good on them tho

The in-game reporting system is hot garbage and needs to be updated. A lot of botting happens inside of instances and mass reporting them or even reporting them for cheating through the interface is difficult.

Good you finally reverted this change though. It wasn’t worth all the bots we got out of it though.

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  1. It never should have been allowed to get this bad before doing something about it. They couldn’t have been easier to detect and ran around the clock long enough for gear to break AGAINST PLAYERS without being suspended. That’s just pure neglect of the problem.
  2. People like myself warned BEFORE LAUNCH that removing the DK restriction was stupid and would be massively abused. Now you finally admit defeat on this yet still want to try to defend the original action to remove it, basically a non-apology, rather than just owning up to the mistake.
  3. Don’t blame gold trading for botting. This is a fallacy. People will always trade gold so long as it can be traded AND THAT IS FINE. The botting, which generates malicious gold, is the real problem.
  4. You are also part of the problem by refusing to put the token in. This means gold traders send the revenue to China instead of YOU, the company hosting the game. Stop villainizing gold traders and PUT IN THE TOKEN.

Update: Just got out of an eye of storm that had 4 stacked DK bots on our team. In other words, it doesn’t seem like there’s any less now than before you posted this update.


Leveling a char through the 60s in Outland this week and noticed a bunch of dks with nonsense names questing. Followed some for a bit and they didn’t appear to be botting. I guess they have to actually play the game! For now…

tens of thousands per week? Yeah sure. I report every day bots and I used to get mails saying that they were taken care of. But the last few months ? nothing. not one in game mail saying its been dealt with.


i’m sure they did. I dont think they cared. They took FOREVER to do something about it. There has been bot threads on the forums for literally 4 months. Radio silence until now. It’s pathetic.


Please-- never hesitate to report suspected cheating such as buying and selling gold for real money

Thats like pretty much every gdkp run :smile:

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funny how anyone with a brain saw this as an issue before launch

blizzard are a joke these days


Direct buff to Blizzard’s wallet.
Now the botters will just purchase a character boost before making their death knights lol


Stop doing that, stop making changes based on feels.


Do you guys ever not whine about anything? My god just sit down


Blizz does something about bots


it’s about time honestly

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