Changes that occurred during vanilla

BfA AV isn’t even close to 1.12 AV. I want 1.5 AV with a couple of things from 1.6 and beyond but this useless “go play live” statement doesn’t apply to 1.12 AV.

I’m fine with the idea of a frakenpatch. I don’t know what particular aspects from each patch I’d want to cherry-pick to put together my preferred patch, but I’m fine with creating the best classic experience possible.

1.12 av is much closer to live then 1.5 or 1.6 av. either way. the point is that it’s drastically different then you see on retail.

but this is purely within the realm of vanilla at the same time. nothing after 1.12

Sure as long as we can also get some changes like dual spec added.

Technically patch 2.0.1 was released in vanilla (12/5/2006)…

But if you want to limit the discussion to only 1.12 and prior patches, it’s your thread. As I said before, I don’t have super strong opinions on it without getting into specifics.

explain how a frankenpatch, which sticks PURELY WITHIN THE REALM OF VANILLA, includes adding dual spec?

was old av in vanilla? yes. thus as per blizzard, it is up for discussion.
was pre 1.11 threat in vanilla? yes. thus per blizzard, it is up for discussion.
you know what wasn’t part of vanilla? dual spec.

and you know what the loading screen was during that time? BC.
and 1.1 to 1.12 is what blizzard said. not me.


Explain how a frankenpatch is not a change to 1.12?

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Relax dude, I was just trolling you a little bit with that comment.

But back to the discussion at hand, I’m undecided on how I feel about 1.11 threat. On one hand I hated having to throttle my DPS constantly, but on the other with such simplistic rotations that existed in vanilla managing your threat was probably the biggest challenge for a raiding mage.

blizzard is using 1.12 as the base for the game. they have already told us to go ahead and discuss changes that occurred DURING VANILLA.

the point of classic isn’t to remake 1.12. its to remake vanilla. is that too hard for you to understand?

its a great way to keep us from blowing MC/BWL/ZG/Ony out of the water out of the gate and to keep rogues, warriors, and mages from running away with…well everything.

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Add progressive itemization and I’m in 100%.

okay you’re going to have to explain this concept to me because i’m drawing a blank. i work nights and haven’t gone to bed yet >.<

if anything from 1.1-1.12 is on the table, i say we pick and choose all talent and spell changes to make every class at their strongest point except for rogues they should be the weakest. that’s the true vanilla experience.

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I prefer old AV as the battles were far more epic. Although grinding rep is far smoother in new AV.

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shrug. wouldn’t effect me that much, seeing as i’m playing about 4 different classes. including 3 classes that weren’t Rogue/Mage/Warrior.

In early vanilla, many items had different stats, usually weighted more towards agi/sta/str/int/spi. Over the patches, Blizzard added new gear and altered the existing gear with better stat distributions; for instance, caster gear was restated to give alot more +damage and +healing to spells. Nearly all of the gear changes made the gear more powerful, even when the change didn’t include an ilvl increase.

Also, some gear was just straight up buffed, getting an upgrade from green to blue and I think even from blue to epic with the associated stat boosts.

Progressive itemization rolls back these changes to the gear, and then reintroduces them later in Classic’s life. If 1.12 gear is in the game on launch, then it will further trivialize late dungeon and early raid content. Progressive itemization also has the benefit of being piss easy to implement. Early vanilla item stats aren’t hard to find and won’t be hard to change.

I’ve been reviewing the posts and videos about Classic, post Blizzcon, and I keep seeing people saying Blizzard was only able to recover the 1.12 data and they have no intention of altering that data. Does anyone have definitive proof that such a statement was made? If it’s true, that would mean there’s close to 0 chance they would go back to 1.5 AV as the data was much different from 1.12.

No what they actually said is that they consider 1.12 the most complete version of vanilla and as such that’s what they have chosen to use.

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Blizzard has stated that they do have pre 1.12 data, but have not specified how far back that data goes.

“This was a good start, but there were issues with how the developers used to handle updates to the database data. Unlike the source code, for which Blizzard had archives for multiple branches of the game that could be worked on and developed as separate pieces, early database data was overwritten with each commensurate update. Thankfully, that problem was fixed very quickly after launch, and when we looked, we found data going back to version 1.12—and even earlier.”

I will say this. If Blizzard can introduce loot sharing in direct contravention of the stated goal of Classic, then they can put some effort into reverting AV back to a version that is, in spirit, more vanilla.

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I much rather they release 1.12 and not mess with things with possible screw ups. I’m hopeful they will release “stage 1” at release.

got you. that sounds great to me. if it helps keep older content relevant that’s fine for me. (by older i mean mc, bwl, etc).