Change to neltharus chains? Reset everyones M+ score in that dungeon then

Who waits until the top groups already timed +29 to nerf the only viable strategy in this dungeon? Why do you make stupid changes? You then have to reset everyone’s progress in this dungeon in M+ or the entire season is now scuffed for everyoen who does not make a living playing this dungeon.

holy crap. what a stupid decision.

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The season is ruined anyway. Aug/Holy/Guardian/Spriest combo being as broken as it was during the two best push weeks means nobody else is getting the 0.1% title.

Still a completely baffling change though.


What happened to chains? The only thing I see in the hotfix notes is that a beating with 40% left on the timer now properly bumps the key by +3.

i don’t see that anything has changed with these. what are you seeing?

the chains of the meta shackle everyone. Even those who aren’t chained at all.

  • Abraham Lincoln, clone high.

They changed it on how it works now. For the regular joe who does +20 or lower it doesn’t really matter.

gimmicks like this in dungeons are always horrible…hated the covenant/weapons stuff in SL…wasn’t a fan of Tol’Dagor…

can’t wait to never come back to Neltharus after this season

Pushing r1 keystones looks rough, man.

Imagine you log on and your spec/comp is gutted or they randomly rugged a strat or buffed a dungeon and suddenly people who’ve been playing more than you early on just have much better times.


Keep saying they changed how it works but wont detail what the change actually is…


Forgot to add, if there really was a change why isn’t it on wowhead?

It does not affect some mobs anymore at all, including the blazewing mob. it does not take damage from them. theres more mobs as well. this invalidates the way you would run this dungeon in a high key making it impossible to attempt for a title push now unless you did in the last two weeks. This makes it so the dungeon needs roughly 40% more damage to complete than with the chain strategy

It is on wowhead.

Firstly wowhead isn’t the best source.

Secondly it is on wowhead.

Bleh… I needed to refesh my browser, I see it now lol

And agree

This is a bad move mid season.


Hopefully this means they’ll nerf mob HP in the dungeon by 40% right?



okay, that’s a stupid change to make mid-season. i guess with aug coming out mid-season too they’ve kind of given up on this one. it doesn’t impact me, i’m nowhere near title anyway, but i’d be mad if i were.

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were those the 2 best push weeks? dam i was slacking on my aug and just farming 17 brack for the weapon which i still dont have. what a letdown

Well, we know one of the encounter designers waited until after his guild killed Mythic Zskarn using the cheese strat before eliminating the cheese strat (which he apparently did the very next day).

Given that kind of behavior, I would imagine that the devs did their 2 push weeks with their Augvoker combos, racked up their scores, and now have no issues with kicking everyone else in the teeth, because… why not?


it’d be cool if blizzard stopped fixing problems that were never a problem to begin with.

“Exploit early, exploit often.”
-Ion, probably