Change the Love Rocket to level 50

Why on Earth would you make the Love Rocket attempts require level 60, especially this close after the expansion release.

It definitely needs to be lowered to level 50. Some people don’t even own Shadowlands yet so they miss out on mount attempts? Yikes.

Just have the mount attempts require the max level from the previous expansion like you did every other year. Why the change that a mass majority of your player base will dislike immensely?


I am glad its 60 it means I only have to have a few tries at it per day thank you Blizzard!

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Just made a topic on this too, and we all know more are to come :frowning:
Not even a warning that it would be max level…


That’s fine if you’re glad, but a lot of players specifically level characters up for multiple attempts on these events - To screw those players over is disgusting.

They had weeks/months to warn us of the change of level from previous years and they didn’t say a word.


They’re really trying to push those playtime metrics, huh.

IMO it’s not worth it to level more alts for more chances, but I wouldn’t doubt it if some of the collectors were going to do it.


Lets be honest, they could change it to level 1 and none of us would get it.


Should have just leveled :man_shrugging:

Not going to work for some. I have 4 60’s to give this a go…if I try.

I also have 3 chars around 56. I putter along till the rested xp runs out then let em chill again.

This is not having me go I must bang out around 12 levels total…

Now if they were to unscrew legion scaling…I ahve an army of 50’s lined up for 60 runs and basic gear. And the cash to buy another 6 month block of subs no hesitancy. Now…yeah…still not sure how end of Feb goes when my time runs out.

I got 1 spare token left to burn as well to may say 1 more month.


you sadist.

there is already enough busywork for max level one character

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I did… in the time I had available, I level 2 characters to 60 and 1 to 55… I’d have levelled more if they gave us a Maw skip already.

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I’m casual (or was, I’m haven’t logged in in a few weeks), and I generally dislike leveling characters, and I have 2 at 60…it isn’t that hard.

Have you played shadowlands? It’s a “feature” of the expac.

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touches screen, licks fingertips I think I taste…sarcasm.

Yeah nah that needs to be reverted to level 50. I’m not trying to level all of my alts to 60 just to farm the love rocket like I do every year.


i think they should change it to level 1 so i can farm it endlessly


Don’t like raid? Well you get 2 choices.

Unless really lukcy and your torghast layer 3+ memory doesn’t suck…guess where you get to go? Now you could skip raid have a crap memory from later 3+…but now you jsut wasted ash.

And some on the lft plan we waited weeks to months for this. Wing 3 LFR is for many classes run right now the only source of a top 3 memory.

You do realize some people made like 50 or more alts just to level this thing because they’re hardcore collectors. I myself only have like 10 toons but even still that’s a LOT of time. Your suggestion is not practical.

Also they may have done so if they gave any indication they were suddenly going to change the previous expansion level requirement they’ve had for ages.

which classes aren’t allowed to run normal raids?

The ones not doing well in parses…lol. Groups get fun here I am told.

But for some not into raid if we don’t live for LFR, normal is not going to be liked over it. LFR at least offers wipe insurance. It buffs I am told. Why I waited. This week wing 3 was good to me. DH and DK got good memories.

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They announced it was a mistake. Level 50 requirement.

you must have such a nice life if this is the best you can be salty about.