Change my mind, Ashran is even worse than WG

For WG you get easy honour for offense, and either 15 mins penalty or 30mins AFK for 5XX honour for defense

Ashran to Alliance is extremely unfair that even the cheese strat works you still couldn’t get a decent lead even if you win
Also difficulty of doing mages are completely different
Either remove the knockback of horde mage or buff alliance mage’s HP by 100%

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There’s no way Ashran is worse than WG. At least PvP happens in Ashran, but if you find yourself in a losing WG you know it’s going to be 30+ minutes of getting farmed by vehicles (not fun).

The 95% loss rate for offense is also absurd, it’s not even a close comparison.

There’s a reason you see a mass exodus of players from WG, but rarely see the same thing in Ashran. People don’t mind a quick loss, but long losses are a deal-breaker.

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WG is fair on both fraction
Ashran is not the case

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Had a great Ashran late last night.
Pushed Ally back into Tower, only to be pushed back into ours. 65-49?
Our fearless Leader left/afk, we announced it in chat with lols.
Pushed Ally right back into that tower with a win, cheers to anyone there.

Ashran is cancer. Especially when you get chain-queued 15+ times in a row into it. Whoever gets the Ogre wins, every time, without fail. I have yet to see anything different, at least WG has a timer on it. Ashran will go on forever if you deadlock and trade at a base. I’ve easily wasted over an hour at a time in one if the DPS was good enough to actually kill the other side’s Ogre (not often that it happens, but I’ve also seen a lot of groups that completely ignore the Ogre and just camp mid for funsies, apparently).

Why they took out Strand, which was also a timed BG where at least if you lost, you lost in a reasonable amount of time, and left this clusteryou-know-what in, and then revoked Blacklisting on top of that, shows me that apparently someone somewhere had a twisted sense of humor. Even as someone who hasn’t finished all the racial killing quests for the Garrison, I’ve been shoved into losing Ashrans (there’s not even a balance - I’ve been thrown in there with no healers on my side, both factions, vs. other team having 4+ healers and several tanks. Also with a Guardian Druid who somehow managed to hit a DR against 11 players rotating CCs and stuns, and never went below 50% without a healer…?).

It’s a dumpster fire and a half, and it really needs either a timer or an overhaul if they’re going to implement it. Lower the HP on the Ogres, put in a timer, something. Or bring back Blacklisting/put in a CD on the queue RNG so we don’t get thrown into a dozen+ of them at a time.

We won’t even talk about how 2 Rogues can solo our Mage, but Horde’s mage will literally blow you up/knock you off the tower and kill you…?

Ashran is up for changes. They seem like good ones to me, but you can see for yourself next week:

They’re nerfing our Mage even more (removing her Mass Poly) while Horde Mage continues to keep the blowback/raid 1 shot if people don’t know where to stand. IoC changes aren’t going to help much, either. For a company that loves their PvP so much, they sure don’t like to spend a whole lot of time actually listening to feedback from people who play it on the regular. There’s been several people who do dedicated PvP offer actual solutions for the issues at hand, and they continue to do whatever they want that just makes both sides zerg whatever’s most useful for the week.

Honestly, I wish they’d just bring back Blacklisting, so I can take Ashran off of my RNG queue and not have to walk into that place again unless I feel like working on my kill-500-of-X-race quests for the Garrison achiev.

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Removing Rylai’s Mass Polymorph is a good thing, and the Alliance players yelling about its removal really just showcases a lack of understanding about the mechanic and what it actually does.

Mass Polymorph
10% of base mana
5 sec cast

Transforms all nearby enemies into sheep, forcing them to wander around for up to 6 sec, quickly regenerating their health. Only works on beasts, dragons, giants, humanoids, and critters.

She would sheep people and heal them all to full, removing any of the pitiful damage she dealt to them and making it much harder to defend her if Alliance were trying to save her as they had a free healer.

The knockback should be removed, that is valuable feedback. Post it in the sticky.

The changes are inspired by player feedback.