Change Mind Games

The priest and his teammates used abilities.
You and your team mates did not use your abilities to respond.

= in simplest terms, you getting out-played.

I’m not trying to dis you, just look at what you can do differently. It is a very good spell against other hybrid specs, but it is not an instant death sentence when it is cast. I dislike mind games as well, but it ain’t going anywhere for at least another year.

The only counter play is kick and that’s assuming you’re in range or didn’t kick something else. And if you’re fighting an sp you can’t even dispel it without getting feared from VT dispel.

mg is cancer basically because of maledict, but yeah it’s very cancer. I’d remove maledict before MG

You think sp is tough against ret. There is not a not a harder counter in the game than a sp shadow priest to enhancement shaman. Imagine having to preempt fear, trinket silence, and avoid any stun that they may have. At least you get bubble, trinket, and have a instant stun as well as disorient that is instant cast. Enh got nothing but tremor totem and grounding which require a hell of lot more skill than bubble and disorient and hoj. Cannot tell you how many times I drop tremor and watch them just kill it instantly then fear me into a burst mind games, followed by a silence or stun. If I get stunned got to sit it because I get silenced right after. Even if I start to pepper them with dmg, not going to one shots them as they can always disperse

why is it always melee that moans the loudest when a caster gets something to defend themselves with?

melee…cried the loudest about “disarms” so many caster disarms were taken…no mention about the plethora of silence and stun locks melee have…no all i hear is crickets chirping…

so lets see if i get this straight…its unfair for melee to be disarmed for 5 seconds because thats their only way to damage “YET” its completely fair and honest to stun and lockout casters preventing them from doing damage for in some instances…longer than 5 sec…?

lol…im glad we got mg…i wish it was stronger to be honest.

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