Change Mind Games

To only reverse healing if the target is heal spec and reverse damage if target is dps.

MG is too powerful against dps who relie on self heals as primary method of defensive gameplay.

This way the priest can at least use it defensively to keep a dps from killing them without effectively pseudo CC’ing the target.

Make MG reverse next heal or damage spell but only with one spell and no duration like now, make it instant cast.

Just because something is effective doesn’t mean it’s imbalanced. It’s imbalanced when there is no counterplay.

You need to pair with someone who can dispel or coordinate interrupts better. Not only that, you have shields if your (multiple) healing abilities fail, or CC to stop an opposing team’s push. Bottom line, substantial counterplay exists.

This is like saying pally burst is too good against specs who have low mobility and no immunities (priests), so we should nerf wings.

For most of the expansion so far, PVPers have been frustrated with hybrid healing, especially instant uninterruptible healing (Word of Glory). Check out this discussion on the World of PVP Subreddit.


Your suggestion wouldn’t really work because in PvE mobs don’t have specs and no way they’d mark everything correctly.

But, I wouldn’t mind it if they combined the conversion shields but increased the value by say 30-50% so instead of an 8k dmg conversion and 8k healing conversion shield it would be a total of 10-12k healing and/or damage converted. That would let you deplete the shield by doing DPS before you blow your heal.

At least that way we might reliably get the resources return portion of the spell in anything but rare PvP encounters or P1 Sire Denathrius.

I kill every ret pally, bubble md die

Yeah that’s cuz mg is super busted against ret.
Fought a Necro sp the other day and the difficulty difference is like night and day.

I believe you man, it is pretty one sided especially in 2s

It’s not that great outside certain classes and if you’re ret then I can see why you hate it as it literally ruins them.

Most spriest are going necro like me now so you’ll start seeing it less atleast.

I mean… you can legit become immune to damage and CC and do 100% of your burst. How is that not busted against classes without a mass dispel/shatter?


That would be too op

What are you wasting your kicks on that you can’t kick mind games? It’s the only thing you should be interrupting.

Agreed, delete pally bubbles. See, easy enough

2004 wants their complaint back.

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Idk man. Unless you know you can kill the priest in a lock out, don’t bother kicking anything but mind games (MD prob worth kicking too).

If they get you in a situation where you can’t kick and have no outs to cc then congrats you got outplayed. Try again next time.


What competent sp is gonna cast MG when the ret is in melee range?

Not like it’s hard to range a ret to get an mg cast off.

Sure, but give back 2 minute Forbearance. Matter of fact, let’s make it Wrath era and reduce all damage the Paladin deals by 50% while bubbled.

No reason a Paladin should be full immune to damage and CC while being able to dish out 100% of their damage. May not be a problem for warriors and priests, but for others? Oof.

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I agree with this 100%. Not the 2 min forb but 50% less dmg.

Also bop pacifying as well.

I like this idea too. Maybe increase the reverse by like 100%.

Yeah ok, you got outplayed.

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You consider casting fear, stun, mc followed by an MG is being outplayed…

My 5 year old nephew can do that.

Now if they precast MD on bubble cast, followed by stun, followed by MG, THATS being out played.

Casting MG after a simple CC is just simple gameplay that yields devastating effects with little effort against certain classes with no counter play except “KIcK MInD GaMEs”.