Champion of the Dragonflight?

where is our title, blizzard? If the queen of dragons named me the champion of the dragonflights, I need my title.


It is kinda funny that we had this big title-bestowing ceremony that… didn’t bestow a title lol

I wonder if it was supposed to but bugged out, or if someone forgot to add it.


Alex: “I proclaim you… CHAMPION OF THE DRAGONFLIGHTS!!!”


Alex: “Okay, get out.”


Yea I was confused where my new title was

Give me the title

We don’t get that title because we don’t deserve it. After doing the post-Amirdrassil questline last patch, it’s evident to me that Alexstrasza made an error. She was supposed to name us “Caterer of the Dragonflights”

It is a little odd watching what they deem worthy of a title and what they don’t. Go one shot the Lich King farming for the mount, hey you get three. Complete your class order hall campaign, congrats Archdruid, Archmage, Highlord etc. Complete the 8.2 war campaign, congrats Veteran of the Fourth War. Complete a covenant campaign, there you go Count, or Sin Eater or whatever. Do the Night Elf Heritage questline, thank you Uncle Shane … or however you pronounce that title.

Unite the Dragon Isles, nope. Defeat Fryak, Nah. Kill the last Old God, nothing. Retake a city that’s been contested for over a decade, nothing, and so on.

It’s like there’s no rhyme or reason to it.


It just randomly was given to me while I idled in Valdrakken.

I guess I look like someone else. Oh well, I’ll work it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just got this now lmao

mine randomly got awarded 5min ago while AFK’ing in town.


Sorry I claimed it, you all understand though

Happy to not be alone in the mysterious title acquisition.

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Weirdly enough, I only got the Title and Achievement today for some reason when I did all that on the day of the patch.