Chaacter Weapons. Why?

Why does your character use that weapon?

Where did it find that weapon?

What does your character see that weapon as? for examples: a tool for justice. A criminals nightmare. Sad reminder of weakness.

What is your characters least preferred weapon?


Echey’Neahok typically carries two weapons with him. His Ivory Bow, and the Axe his Lifemate used before she disappeared. The axe was the only thing recovered when she left Thunder Bluff to Fight the Scourge. He carried it with him during the Icecrown Campaign in hopes of burying it in the Lich King’s chest as he watched the Undead Life fade from his Majesty’s cold eyes. Unfortunately, He never made it to the top of ICC before Arthas’ fall.

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Ironghost’s swords used to hang over his captain’s ship quarters, and before that they belonged to a sea giant that was slain by said captain and his crew. When Ironghost saved the captain’s life, ship, and crew from a rival pirate company ambush, he received the swords as a gift, along with his freedom.

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You’ve got quite the attire there Orc. If this was the Transmog Thread I’d give it a 10/10.

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Thanks Tauren. This is not my typical attire, but certain tasks require unconventional approaches.

Daiyu’s staff is useful for hiking, lugging stuff around, applying leverage, poking things, and more!

And it’s good as an emergency snack, too.

What kind of flavor does lacquer add to bamboo?

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It’s a little bitter when crunching it open, but it doesn’t affect the gooey insides.

But I prefer keeping the staff unlaquered so I can eat the whole thing.

Mag’riva uses a hooked blade currently, having always favored large and heavy weapons over smaller ones. This comes from his initial training as a more traditional witchdoctor not giving him the most familiarity with more ‘skilled’ forms of weapon arts.

Since losing his arms and transitioning into undeath, he favors utilitarian weapons that make the most use of his introllish strength. Generally he favors axes but currently he uses a sword he “collected” from a naga.

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My DK Skarfang uses her runeblade as a reminder of all the horror she has inflicted on others, with the hopes that one day she will be killed and her “cursed” blade goes with her.

More importantly its a fel iron great sword and looks good with the inferno tempered set

None of my characters use special or named weapons. One thing I always liked about reading Conan stories was that his armor and weapons was always inconsequential, even though they were stories in a sword & sorcery setting, Conan himself was always the most dangerous weapon. So I take that approach with my characters and just try to use weapons that fit their setting or background.

Hiefka’s staff isn’t just an spell focus or some random shiny stick, it’s actually an arcane device she calls a “Ley-tap”, based off those blue dragon flight platform things from northrend but on a smaller scale which allows her to access and draw from nearby ley lines or draw in latent mana in the surroundings area. She’s never been good with mana conservation so this staff gives her more power to work with before she burns herself out.

Nero here has had two weapons since his time returning to this mortal Coil. The first was a Great-axe he used in life that was then turned into his Rune Weapon upon becoming a Death knight. He would call the axe his beloved and the pair fought together up until the Legion’s invasion. His only real love in life and undeath was shattered ((Due in part to Frost DK artifact being 2-weapons)) during one of the Raids by a large Demon.

From the shattered remains of his Beloved Runeblade Battle-axe the twins were forged. He fought with them through the entirety of the Legion Campaign and every day since in honor of the one he lost.

I don’t think Nero has one to be honest. if he did, it would be anything other than the twins he now uses. Maybe daggers, or maces? He’s mostly sported either a Sword or an axe in most if not all of his Transmogs.

My character currently uses a bow she looted from the Windrunner ruins in the Ghostlands. Her intention was to end Sylvannas with it. That hasn’t worked out on being an option though.

Tyr uses a pair of SI:7-issued daggers when she’s doing clandestine stabby-stabby work (that is, when I was playing a dagger subclass). Most times (that is, when playing combat rogue, and yes I know it’s “Outlaw” rogue but she is not an outlaw, it’ll always be combat rogue in my heart) she uses a double-bladed fist weapon that slips into a hidden sheathe on her forearm in her main hand, and a dagger that looks startlingly like an ogre’s pocket knife ( :eyes: ) in her offhand. She has no particular reason for using these weapons except that they’re good quality and she’s been using them for so long.

On those rare occasions when she suits up in full plate and goes full-on fury warrior on someone, she uses a black-bladed two-hander she took off an old enemy in her main hand, and that little no-really-it’s-a-dagger-not-an-ogre-pocket-knife in her offhand.

I ran that stupid dungeon for that pocket knife almost as many times as I did to get the zulian panther, and now I don’t even play. Le sob.

Her least preferred weapons are maces. Seriously, who decided that a sneaky class should carry giant hammers around?

I use the Purity’s Edge Greatblade, picked up in Bastion, for my character’s sword. One, it modeled after the Argent Dawnstar and he is roleplayed as a Captain in the Argent Crusade. Second, if you look closely at the middle of the blade there are carved runes. The blade speaks to the duality of my character- who fell in the service of the Argent Crusade, was brought back as a Death Knight, and has fought his way back to being able to use the Light, though it does cause him pain. So these runes down the center of it I have representing Frost runes, a few Holy sigils and he has one Death rune, which he is learning to use solely to heal himself or other undead companions.

I don’t have any cool names for it though.

He also carries a Light infused pistol on his left hip, a libram on his right, and two short swords, one Light infused, and the other Frost infused. He is also learning a bit of Frost mage skills, as well as Holy Priest skills. Not that he will ever become proficient, but enough to develop some ranged abilities.

He’s a walking arsenal.

He carries with him a mace of holy flame that was given to him by the priestess of the abbey he grew up in

That was from the Dwarven and Gnome contingents. You know how they do stealth


Iothane has three ‘weapons,’ each of which she had a hand in creating as part of her training.

The first is a Pandaren war fan. It’s frame was built from iron harvested from the Kun’lai mountains and shaped within the Shado-pan monastery. The fan’s body was made from the woven scales of juvenile cloud serpents. The shed scales were collected and treated over the course of four months. Because of its materials, as well as the rune inscribed across its side, it’s an implement for channelling both wind and mist.

The second weapon in a mace, built by Iothane herself in the year she spent studying with the Jinyu. She learned and took part in the technique of Water Forging, gathering leftover materials from the various weapons and armor abandoned by the Horde and Alliance in their battle for the continent. The mace was build in equal parts stone and metal but imbued with water magic for flexibility and lightness.

The last weapon is a simple staff of iron wood, shaped and treated for over a year and a half worth of time. While not imbued with magic, it was covered again and again with a number of mixtures and oils to increase it’s strength and rigidity, as well as to make it resistance to burning.