Cenarion Hold guards kill the targets of loose infernals

This doesn’t seem like intentional design. An undead warlock on my server loosed an infernal in Cenarion Hold. The infernal attacked me, then the guards immediately killed me and my party members. My party member was AFK at the time.

I reviewed Kaivax’s item:

but this seems like a distinct issue.

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This is not the exact case. Their target isn’t attacked by the guards, their spawn location designates who the guards kill.

Warlocks are summoning Infernals on groups of the opposite faction resulting in the players being killed by the guards. (if they were in the summoning circle of the infernal as it spawned.)

This should stop before they start doing it on full raids please.

Thank you for the clarification.

I drew that conclusion based on the events in my combat log – infernal melee followed by guards annihilating me.

It’s also super frustrating to hearth - walk away for 2 minutes and come back dead thanks to the guards killing you while afk.

This is definite abuse.

I can confirm that you take Durablility damage from dieing to the Cenarion Hold guards, Getting oneshot by a shaman is annoying, but atleast it doesn’t cost you two gold

Can we get an update on this? Still happening and I think we can all agree this is not “Intended Game Mechanics”. This is just 100% griefing.