Celestial Observer's transom set disappeared!

I bought the Stargazer pack two days ago and have been using the Celestial Observer’s set on my warlock since. Logged in this evening and it’s gone. Argi pet still available, but none of the transmog set is there. Any ideas?

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Bug, you can still search for it manually as they said in this post

I did, nothing is there.

You’ll just have to wait for the items to reappear. It’s a bug that they apparently can’t fix and possibly never will. They can’t even reproduce it, meaning that it’s probably a bug that’s dependent on outside factors outside the company.

It’s probably an issue regarding delays in authentication of store and RAF transmogs.

I submitted a ticket to have the items returned from the lost and found. The GM did inform me that the items as of right now could disappear again hower and though they returned them it wasn’t a permanent fix .

i have run into the same issue, mine has disappeared as well the individual pieces are gone from the list as well, this occurred after my pc reset while i was afk.

This is a really frustrating issue. It’d be bad enough if it was just items in-game, but the fact it’s seemingly only happening to cash items is kind of unacceptable.

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