Celestial Observer's Ensemble bug


My friend gifted me this set called Celestial Observer’s Ensemble and i redeemed it but it is not in my Appearance list. What can i do?

Double check your appearances pane first, make sure all your sources are enabled by unchecking and re-checking all. They might be hidden.

If that doesn’t do it, it could be either a matter of waiting for it to update in the database for you, or you might currently be affected by a well-documented bug that’s been hard to pin down for a bit over a year now. Nothing to do for either of these cases except wait them out, I’m afraid.

In the case of the bug angle, it usually shows back up within 24 hours before starting a routine game of hide-and-seek.


Sadly it is still missing, i opened a ticket and waiting for a response :frowning:

GMs do not fix bugs. There isn’t something that can be fixed here, as it’s a bug that has been ongoing since June 30th. You still own the mog, the ability to transmog or have it show up in your appearances will come and go without rhyme or reason. And it will continue to do so until they find a fix.