Celebrating the life of another lost friend

Hello everyone - It seems as if nearly every time I make a forum post it is to let all of you know that a member of the Stonefield and Maclure family has passed. And, I wish that it were different this time.

We found out earlier this week that one of our members, a druid by the name of Aurmith, had died. She was very good friends with one of my officers, Nickrunner, and moved from Elune to Blackwater Raiders to hang out with us, and eventually became a member of our raid team from the end of Legion through most of Battle for Azeroth. She was a very kind woman, very helpful and friendly and we truly appreciated having her with us while she was around. And, we would appreciate if all of you would be willing to say goodbye to her along with us.

Tomorrow night (April 18th) at PM server time, we will have a public procession from Stormwind Cathedral to the City Gates, and then fly out over our name sake farms as we have done or all of our fallen guild members before. Following that, there will be a more private guild member only event.

On behalf of myself and everyone in our guild, thank you to all of you for being such great friends. Hope you’re doing well.

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