CE XP Raider LF Raid Team in SL

I recently moved to Europe and need to find a new raid team that is compatible with EU time-zones. This means late morning (PST) /early afternoon (EST) raid times and/or weekends are a must.

I’m planning to main on my warrior with hunter and resto druid for utility. I have extensive experience in both classes through multiple expansions.

Short summary below about me:

Started raiding heavily as a hunter beginning in WoTLK and have pushed to CE in multiple expansions despite several forced breaks due to work. I changed mains to Warrior in Legion and still continue to find areas to min/max performance, but have consistently parsed in the 95% through each expansion.

A few raid highlights from current/previous expansions:

BFA: Nya - Finished 9/12M +2600 M+ (current raid team is 12/12M, but I had to move during our final kills). Dazar’alor - 8/9M.

Legion: Antorus - Finished 11/12M with >10% pulls on Argus.

WoD: AOTC - took break due to work

MoP: Mogu’shan Vaults - Cutting Edge / SoO - Cutting Edge

Cata: Dragon Soul - 8/8H

WoTLK: 12/12 H ICC (10-man kill pre-patch), 11/12 H 25-man. ToGC (Tribute to Insanity, 50/50 attempts)

Please send me a PM @ Fero#1718.

warrior: Feró
hunter: Ferò

Talk some time???