CE Tank LF Raid Team


I am currently available to raid all hours of the week minus 9-11am and 3-4:30pm (PST) Monday thru Friday. I have about 12 years experience tanking in this game. I have played DPS and Healer, but tanking is what feels natural and i really enjoy it at high levels of play. My DK (Ðeaddrøp) and Monk (Ðeaddrunk) are ready to go now, and plan to keep them both in line together in future tiers pending needs of the raid.

Who I am:

-Logs for G Druid in Antorus

-Logs for BDK in Uldir
(G’huun kill is in 8.1)

I have been cutting edge for all previous tiers in the last 6 years except 1(ToS), all under tank except last tier was a BM Hunter. I have been a top end raider for some time now (12 years). As my logs show, I come prepared and ready for progression, and I am very communicative (as you should be as a tank). I am always open for criticisms to improve my personal play for the team. I am also open to changing my class/spec for the team. I am only currently interested in tanking moving forward though, but swapping classes inside the role of tank is ok by me. My blood DK and BM Monk are ready to go.

What i am looking for:

I am currently interested in a Raid Team that have an interest in downing bosses before nerfs. Everyone must come to raid prepared and ready for progression. I am not just talking about Flasks/Food/Pots. I am also talking about coming to the next boss with as much knowledge applicable to find on it to be as successful as possible before the 1st pull and putting all egos and personal agendas aside for the team during raid time.

You can best reach me at:

Shock#3934 on Discord
ÐeadÐrop#1306 on Bnet
DeadDrop on Wowprog for more info

Thank you for your time, and look forward to hearing from you.


Some love for a great tank that I miss tanking with x.x


love you too broham


The fun never ends man


Only end when you let it.


Truth. The hard truth.

(Eyedaea) #7

Vivified is a newly established competitive raiding guild led by experienced and accomplished Cutting Edge players looking to assemble a top tier group of players who are dedicated and skilled enough to push Cutting Edge and once our roster is fully optimized, pushing at least top 100 US.

Progression: The raid team will be led by playing with multiple cutting edge tiers and a competitive mindset, most recently 8/8 mythic Uldir and 9/9 Mythic BOD.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10PM - 1AM EST

All spots are available - We are looking for outstanding, competitive and motivated players to progress through BFA. Anyone interested will be asked to participate in a short interview before joining. High level M+ players also welcome.


  1. Class
  • Knowledgeable in all specs that you will be playing
  • Have knowledge of stat priorities, best in slots, and class changes
  1. Character
  • Competitive and extremely motivated
  • Positive mindset - no toxicity
  • Timely - show up to raids on time and let an officer know when you can’t make it
  • Able to take constructive criticism and advice from other guild members
  • Respectful and generally a good person all around - zero tolerance if these rules are broken
  1. Preparedness
  • Azerite and gear upkeep (enchants, sockets, continuously upgrading)
  • Knowledge of mechanics BEFORE coming to raid
  • Personal consumables (food, flasks, runes)
  • Focused during progression and pulls


Ty you all for your considerations, found a home, ty all!