CE Havoc LF Guild

My name is Ankash (DH - Havoc) and due to a change in my work schedule, I’m not longer able to raid with my current guild. I’m currently 7/8M EP with experience on Azshara up to P4, CE BoD, CE Uldir.

I’d like to join a 2-days raiding guild (maybe 3 if it’s the right fit) either Horde or Alliance. My schedule being what it is, I’m looking for something between 5PM to 10PM EST at most. I’m available any day of the week except on Fridays and Saturday. I’m super into M+ as well and this would be a big factor in joining your guild as my current M+ group are pretty much only logging late night and I can’t afford to do so anymore.

Bnet: hawkin#1608 is the prefer method to contact me, but I’ll be reading this topic regularly as well.