CE Alt BDK and MW LF Weekend Progression Guild


My fiancee and I are currently looking for a weekend progression guild. Nights, any day Friday-Sunday.

I have been playing since Vanilla. Tanking at Top 50-100 US level throughout.
She began playing at the end of WoD. Mostly doing high end M+ but wants to move into raiding.

She would be maining MW Monk, with me on my BDK.
My main is currently 7/8M with 6% wipes on G’huun.

Best way to contact me would be through Discord:

Thank you

(Siearapewpew) #2

Check out our weekend guilds on Turalyon. :slight_smile:











(Ticklebag) #8

I run a raid you may be interested in here are the quick notes:

~ sat & sun raiding; 2pm-5pm est, heroic clear optional Friday night
~ small raid team ~30 people, 8 year old guild, same core
~ focus on good paced progression, without foregoing real life @ 7/8M
~ alliance pvp mega server, Kel’Thuzad
~ no call outs or finger pointing or shaming in raid, issues handled privately
~ weekday mythic+ farming ~1000-1600 .io
~ many ‘retired’ hardcore raiders who have limited play time now

We’re a mellow group of 20-40 y/o where everyone is a familiar face.

If that sounds good hit me up @ realID - trinks#1866


Hi Drakory!

I feel like we might have a good spot for you. We have a relaxed weekend team that could use that little push of consistency to start hitting CE on a regular basis. I’ll drop our guild spam below, please add me on btag or discord if you’d like to chat further!

<Praetorian Guard> Draenor-US

Progression: 4/8 Mythic

Raid Times: 5:00-9:00PM PST Sat/Sun

Needed: All positions possible in 8.1

Come join Praetorian Guard and get your daily dose of mythics, memes, and gay! We are a laid-back group of mildly obnoxious friends that have been raiding on Draenor-US for a little over 8 years now, and believe that a casual schedule shouldn’t mean a lack of effort. We expect our raiders to know their class/spec and be reasonably familiar with log analysis. You can find our logs at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/346/. We are a very diverse group, with many LGBT members, and tolerate no discrimination or personal attacks. We are also a very female-friendly environment, with a gender-balanced roster and plenty of female leadership.

We hang out a lot outside of WoW, including FFXIV, Overwatch, League, and many other games, as well as a fairly active Slack and Discord. We also gather at Blizzcon each year, with this year expected to see nearly 20 of us in Anaheim for the week!

If all of this sounds interesting to you feel free to hit me up either here or in game at Ender#1733, or on Discord at Pugnodeum#4346




Phase Three (Tichondrius) is a newly formed guild of friends with up to 8/8 Mythic Uldir and previous Cutting Edge experience looking to create an enjoyable raid environment on a relaxed schedule pushing for CE each tier.

2/8M Uldir

Raid Schedule:
Friday and Saturday
6 PM to 9 PM PST (9 PM to 12 AM EST)

Current Needs:
Mistweaver (HIGH)
Shadow Priest (HIGH)
Mage (LOW)
Anything not listed here will still be considered!

JvstOz#1237 (BTAG)
CrmsnShdw#11242 (BTAG)