CC Server Pop Thread and this is all they respond to?

13 decent thought out posts and this is all they saw.

Anybody else get the feeling that the initial question was written by blizz?


Wasn’t that particular post about retail? I may be mistaken.

I figured the that the CC post about TBC was probably just the devs talking to themselves. Last I looked, neither members had commented in ~2 weeks and we hadn’t heard anything else about a solution. They made a post for publicity then said they are working on a fix before moving on to something else.

They already have xrealm on retail, so I assume it’s about Classic.

I don’t think that thread has anything to do with classic. Weird server names, mythic raiding, and other weird retail crap all over the thread.

It’s about Retail and the Retail economy on small servers basically.

There was another thread on the Classic server issues and it was mostly explaining why they haven’t done more and while it said they are looking into other options I wouldn’t expect much at all. So pretty much it is what it is. People who don’t like what we have now are free to quit because things aren’t getting better.

That’s not true. Blizzard is working on solutions to the server population issue.

I encourage you to read this article posted only a few weeks ago. It’s very informative and hopeful… I think you may have missed it.

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Still an example of how quickly they respond to praise while ignoring the topic of the thread.

Oh no 100% they respond to praise and retail problems in a heart beat because those apes spend thousands on ugly mounts. I post only to agree with you - any communication regarding TBC realms has been reduced back to 0.

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I can confirm this thread relates to retail servers.

Thanks for the confirmation. I changed the topic title to avoid any further confusion. The intention behind the thread was actually to showcase how Arkos ignored the CC topic to specifically respond to that single off topic post, out of fifteen other on topic comments, asking about his job and giving praise. And was clearly not even a member of the team that would handle the issues being discussed. I believe it’s relevant, as it speaks to who is willing to respond and what they’re willing to respond to.

Maybe Microsoft will come in and clean house. Probably none of the good people stayed after all the bs there anyways, right?

Maybe we can tweet daddy gates to help us

Gates has been out of the picture for years. Phil Spencer will be your new daddy next year. And I hope if he does nothing at all, he at least makes it a priority to repair the damage Blizzard has done to it’s relationship with the community.

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