Cause of the vanish bug

The cause of the vanish bug is spell batching. Can we please get a blue post stating what they are going to do about how someone can just keep auto attacking you through vanish, even in PvP?

It literally does nothing against melee, their “queued” attacks go through, and because of spell batching it takes up to 2 whole seconds between casting vanish and me actually gaining the stealth function, so enemy players can hear the vanish animation but continue to attack me for two seconds, de stealthing me. It is a joke of an ability in PvP and fails half the time in PvE.


I have to ask, and by all means not trying to sound noobish. What is Spell Batching?

It batches people’s spells together

So there’s higher odds players will cast something at the “exact same time”

Idk if that helps

I understand perfectly. Thank you for clarifying it for me.

Another three failed vanishes today, Just straight up didn’t work (pve).

Is blizzard going to at least acknowledge the bug…

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Maybe, after they get done working on a new mount in retail ca$h shop. Available for you for the limited price of $30! They have lost touch with their player base.

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