Catalyst ilevel conversions for S4?

I have 2 pieces of gear (cloak, boot) to convert to the raid finder version of the tier sets. Now that we’re in S4 and things have scaled up, I can’t find info to tell me what ilvl of a base item converts to the raid finder set. Does anyone have a link that I haven’t been able to effectively Google, or just know off hand? TIA!

If you got them in a “fated” version of LFR, it will scale to 267. If it was not fated, it will be somewhere in the 262 range.

Right, but what ilvel converts to the raid finder skin?

Anything below 278.

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Thank you!

I completed my Tier Sets on Season 3:

Normal 9/9 and Heroic 9/9. I dont care of Raid Finder.

Season 4 would allow me to complete Mythic 9/9, right? I presume ilevel 278 and above.