Cataclysm “classic” is never going to happen

your delusional.


If the current dev team gets their hands on Cata they’ll keep RDF off yet add Raid Finder (since they’re hypocrites in everything), and then they’ll do something jarringly stupid like disable flying or add Pathfinder achievements to unlock it.

None of them deserve their jobs. They’re just pretending they’re devs by tinkering with a product which was already completed 17 years ago so they can get a paycheck.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess you’re one of those folks who is all about RDF in Wrath.

I hope you realize that even during OG Wrath, RDF wasn’t added in during ICC, just as Raid Finder wasn’t added til Dragon Soul in OG Cata.
Hot take: RDF doesn’t do anything different from the current LFG tool except enable laziness since it would just teleport everyone to the dungeons. And even then, people are still queuing up and AFKing in Dal with the current LFG tool.

Blizzard said No RDF because players would gear too quickly, but players were fully geared in prebis in 3 days instead of 1.

Blizzard said No RDF because players would make friends and have a social experience without it, but the thread I made surveying friendships made due to no RDF showed that no one in the hundreds of replies was making friends except for bloom who claimed to make several guilds worth.

Retail Players are thrilled that we have the Manual Gatekeeping Finder added into WOTLK, instead of the RDF which was advertised as a feature during original blizzcon which revealed the WOTLK expansion, and was delayed only for programming reasons.

I’ll never understand the take that having most the party demand summons from the summoning stone somehow disables laziness. Besides, the run doesn’t start until you’re all inside, anything before that is toxicity and entitlement-enabling. RDF doesn’t do the dungeon for you.

The devs just want WoW to be Final Fantasy, so they bully players into signing Social Contracts and remove RDF while demanding that they make friends and communicate with eachother, despite Blizzard not communicating with us at all. It’s surreal.

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*citation needed

As someone who grew up playing Wrath, but not raiding during that point; RDF was nice, don’t get me wrong, but people have always been silent during dungeons, RDF or no. People generally don’t like being forced into being social.

As for it being advertised as a feature during original Blizzcon, yeah, you know what else was advertised with Wrath? New dances and destroyable buildings, we didn’t get those either. Things change during a game’s development.

Except that’s the takeaway you got from it. I simply said people are still AFKing in Dalaran with the current LFG tool because the only difference between RDF and current LFG tool is that RDF makes the party and teleports you.

Are you new or something?
Well here’s the massive blue post you missed:

This is true, especially with Intrinsic Maturation, the process by which as humans age they become less social and keep tighter knit circles. Blizzard is treating their boomer playerbase like 18 year olds at a club.

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Um, I hate to burst your bubble here my guy, but all they said was that they expect the LFG tool to help people seeking friends to make friends, that’s not the same as what you’re saying they said.

Oh yeah, 100%, it’s really odd that Blizzard is trying to like be hip and cool to a lot of like now, 30 to 40 year olds who just wanna play the game they love.
I personally wouldn’t mind RDF at all, I just don’t think RDF would really change much from the current LFG tool.


Technically true! I suppose with the threat about “Connect with other players and make friends” with the social contract (threat because breach of the social contract will result in account termination) I somehow associated the two as coming from the same alleged “core value” Blizzard now claims to suddenly have.

There’d be less gatekeeping, more meme specs for already face-roll content, more alts being leveled since 1-70 wouldn’t be a solo experience. Same amount of laziness and ninjaing, but Blizzard would make less money with name changes and server changes. Less abuse and bullying since it takes 3 people to kick instead of 1. Plus we still would often land random groups with people from our own servers which we might get along with, as was often the case back in the day.

I think it’d be all around better for the health of the game, but I do think it’s already too late, too much of the Pro-RDF has unsubbed and those who prefer manual dungeon finders for end game 5 mans are about to go back to retail.

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Cata is still better than vanilla and tbc
dont care :slight_smile:

Cata was better than WotLK, especially before they nerfted it to appease all the WotLK facerolling AoE-everything crybabies. Except for some nice/cool zone atmosphere, WotLK was the Wal-Mart & McDonalds xpac of WoW (hence the mass appeal).

what do u like abt Cata that u cant just get by going to retail

A lot was obviously different, considering I have never been able to last more than the first month post-MoP playing WoW before happily canceling, but still enjoyed Cata & most of what came before it (though I have complaints about them all, including Cata).

so the only expansion u like is Cata? i mean that cant be a real humans opinion. u have to be an AI or something

No arguments and only attacks? Sounds like your the delusional one buddy

In cata the core systems still existed. Talents still existed in a smaller form. But the core was there and built from wotlk. Many specs that were built in wotlk got fleshed out in cata. Im a career rogue. I quit in wotlk. Came back in cata.

Shadow dance is the biggest offender why i dont enjoy retail

Shaodw dance in wotlk and cata is a 1 minute cooldown that does nothing but allow you, essentially. 4 ambushes. And thats it, but that was all that it needed to be. Ambush hits like a truck, generates the CPs and let you refresh buffs with the influx of CPs it felt IMPACTFUL

Shadow dance in retail is a 2 charge cooldown woth a CDR/CP mechanic that increases your damage done by 30% cause otherwise shadowstrike hits like a wet noodle. Not only that but if you cast anything but eviscerate in shadow dance youre bad because 30% damage increase its uptime is 2-3x higher than SD in cata. Which makes it feel far less impactful. And since the uptime is much higher and dps needs to be balanced. They give us shadow blades as a 3m cooldown to make SOMETHING feel impactful. So the class as a whole was gimped and then given a 3m cooldown to compensate

Nothing in retail scales with weapon damage anymore. Everything’s an AP ratio. Thay change happend in legion iirc

TL;DR cata had the start of awesome cooldowns and rotations but when those cooldowns were streamlined and made less impactful they gave everyone super strong 3m CDs so that the entire gameplay was centered around blowing your load and thats it.

Everyone having non weapon damage scailing means they can create rotations where every GCD needs to be filled with an ability and not break the dps which again. Makes everything far less impactful

In cata i would have to wait for my energy to regenerate just to cast a backstab on a fight. Made each backstab feel impactful.

Now i never DONT have energy for a backstab, and because i cast backstab so many times it hits like a wetnoodle

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It’s funny that people still think subs going down was all Cataclysms fault.
Correlation does not equal a cause.

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And you have the same amount of evidence to back up your claim that RDF ruined WoW.

Cata classic is 100% coming because it’s basically free money hello?