Casual returning player looking for guild


I played wow for a few months when mop came out and i have recently renewed my subscription. unfortunately i have forgotten most of what i knew about the game. I currently have a level 40 Human warlock that I have been leveling for about 2 days on the Dragonmaw server. I would be willing to switch to another server though. I am looking for a causal guild to run with. I work 24 hour shifts so my availability changes on a weekly basis, however i always have Thursdays off. I am not really into pvp, i would be more interested in raiding and other end game pve content. I have Discord and I would enjoy a guild that has an active chat.

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Hi there !

Dracarys Productions on Bleeding-Hollow[H] is in a bit of a rebuilding phase.

I had to take a break due to IRL stuff and lost most of my members in those few months. I came back to my guild in August and since than have been actively recruiting.

With classic and more established guilds, recruitment has been difficult. So here it goes.

My goal for my guild/community is to build up a fun, friendly, casual environment with active members that actually engage in guild activities.

I want core members to run mythic + groups weekly, raid and pvp as well as run achievement/mount and mog runs.

I want casual members to participate in activities as well as be active in guild chat.

Currently Need ALL SPECS/CLASSES. Willing to place people where they are comfortable, with possibly off roles as well.

Anyway, if you think that you would like to be apart of rebuilding this community, shoot me a message on discord or bnet.


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