Casual Guild looking for more!

Oh hai, we’re looking for people on US- Hyjal - Horde.

We’re a super inclusive and laid back group of individuals.
We share a love of:

  1. Singing in Discord
  2. Not pugging
  3. Being super friendly
  4. Loving our wine and spirits
  5. Never making a fuss of dps / tanking / or healing

We mainly do M+, although many of us are coming back from hiatus. If you’d like to join, give myself or Astaril a yell. Happy adventuring, loves.


Can’t login right now due to it throwing some errors and I’ll have to head to work shortly, but I’m definitely interested. ToxicRain#11198 is my bnet or just let me know if discord would be preferred.

@Safiyahz I sent you a friend request so I can send you the discord link, it’s not letting me send it in this post.

Still looking for more relaxed and casual friends. Let anyone in the guild know if you’d like to join, or hit up the guild finder. XOXO