Castsequence Not Displaying correct Spell Icon in the sequence

When using a macro with a cast sequence using the “?” icon, the icon on the action bar follows the current spell in the sequence. When I add reset=target (or reset=combat) the icon no longer follows the sequence but remains a “?”.

Does the macro properly reset on target/combat as expected? I’ve had some issues with this myself.

Is this retail or classic? I’ve had weird behavior with castsequence in SoD but haven’t used one in retail in a while.

Can you post the full macro? Lots of people put their reset conditions in the wrong place.

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Adreaver, yes the macro properly sequence through the spells.

Elvenbane, here is one of the macros in question:
/castsequence reset=target [mod:alt,@mouseover,exists,harm][mod:alt,@focus][nomod,@target] Haunt, Soul Rot

Thank you both for your replies. It is greatly appreciated.

Ya, you have the options and reset backwards. Should be:

/castsequence [mod:alt,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [mod:alt,@focus] [] reset=target Haunt, Soul Rot

Might actually be better to split alt and the default out, alt targets might be causing issues with the reset (pure speculation I don’t use castsequences).

/castsequence [mod:alt,@mouseover,harm,nodead] [mod:alt,@focus] ; Haunt, Soul Rot; reset=target Haunt, Soul Rot

Elvenbane, thank you greatly. That worked! Your help is truly appreciated.

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