Castle Nathria Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live!

Castle Nathria Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live!

Cut down the traitorous Sire Denathrius and his court loyalists before their twisted plans unfold in an epic new raid—Castle Nathria.

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Now that’s a very good picture of the raid :smiley:



I hope Sire Denathrius’ sword is a hidden mog drop!


Agreed! That sword is awesome.

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Level 120? How do we get that?

edit: aww they fixed it.


Why the big gap in LFR wing releases?


The gap in December would be because of Christmas and New Year’s, I don’t know what the reason would be in January for the gap there.

They Always done this from what I remember


Dude is wearing a sweater.

A sweater.

A Fur. Trimmed. Sweater.


First boss in the 3rd wing is funny, but huntsman as the first? Lol lemme get my popcorn and a token for the repairs, this’ll be fun

Kinda messed up with the order. Shriekwing is the first boss in all difficulties beyond LFR: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. You cant even get anywhere else without taking him down. So why include him later, and not the first, that people could learn it to then go into that progression? This order seems so very near-sighted

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Many forum trolls have told us that if LFR heroes could do the raid on the opening night of normal, they’d do it once, declare they won the game, log out, and never play again. Stringing them along means they will play forever.

Anyway, that’s the forum logic on this issue.

After doing the raid finder before. Doing my guilds normal raid. I did not get any loot from the bosses I killed in raid finder

Aye, as the Tauren said, it’s because too often, Blizzard listens to kids on the forums.

lame time gating how are filthy casuals like myself suppose to get their bis leggo off last raid boss… pug? scoffs

What’s the point, though? The throttled release of the wings means you get superior gear from the campaign at the bare minimum, making LFR irrelevant on release.

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