<Castle Dracula> [A] Recruiting!

Hey everyone,

Castle Dracula is a new guild that is made up of new and returning players for Shadowlands. We are currently running mythic dungeons and BGs to gear up. We are looking for players to help fill our ranks for the upcoming Castle Nathria raid!

We will be attempting to conquer all content that the Shadowlands has to offer. This includes both PVE and PVP.

Who are we looking for?

  • All classes & specs are welcome.
  • Players that are friendly and cooperative.
  • Players that are willing to learn from their mistakes.

What we are not looking for?

  • Toxic players are not welcome.
  • Overly hardcore players (You are free to join, but this guild is going to be mostly made up of casual players).

Interested? Then go ahead and sign up. Feel free to message me or add me if you have any questions.

Don’t want to leave your guild, but still want to do mythic+ or raid with us? We will be creating a community later today for anyone to join, but guild members of course will have priority on raid spots. Will update this post later.

Update: Community is up and can be searched as “Castle Dracula”

Discord code/link: dBpNvs6KAs