Casting and moving

So wait - did Balance Druids lose the ability to cast and move in Dragonflight with all the changes???

Druids have never been able to cast and move except for certain spells that specifically stated you could move whilen it channeled.

What are you talking about??? They’ve been doing it all expansion.

Yeah - so is that ability for them to cast and move being removed in dragon flight? THAT’s my question.

Other than convoke what are u talking about. Maybe youre talking about stellar drift which is specifically only balance so i dont know why u say “druids”.

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What are you actually talking about?
Only balance can doo that, are you talking about insta casts or sonething?

I don’t think we’re sure yet since not all the trees are fully out and updated.

The answer is probably 'yes*" with the asterisk being:

*AP generation is really high and pooling it is less punished. So You’ll generally have a few seconds of movement dumping AP without any DPS loss.

They specifically stated:

So they were talking about Balance Druids. To answer the question, yes, as of right now Balance Druids have lost the ability to move while casting anything other than Instant cast spells/abilities.

They said Balance Druids, not Druids.

You can clearly see he edited the post genius…

What game have you been playing, there is a spec based around moving and casting while starfall buff is active, The passive that gave us mobility during starfall has been removed in df.

We have such a better damage profile in DF than SL that losing this isn’t a big deal.

Choosing your own eclipse, Starfall stacking, Wild Mushrooms, Starfall hitting everything around targets with Moonfire, extra talents to reduce cost of Starsurge and Starfall, more astral power generation, ways to make Wrath and Starfire do more damage, having both Circle of Life & Death AND Convoke. The list goes on.

I dont think PVP spec is going to go mushrooms. Mushrooms that take 2 seconds to blow up, that you cant just put down and instantly blow up in any spot you want… i just dont think are going to be viable at all in pvp unless they do crazy damage. I think for PVP balance druid will stay on the left side of the tree is more instant cast\aoe\dot like. I honestly prefer more single target balance druid but in my opinion after watching supertease play it on top of the starfall buffs i dont see balance druid in pvp playing right side of the tree.

Its a shame, i dont really want to be a starfall\moonfire spam hoping for fairies to spawn to give me more astral power but i think its going to be the play looking at the right side of the tree… Preferred legions/cata pvp playstyle honestly

Asking if druids are losing the ability to cast while moving is completely different from asking if stellar drift was removed. The initial post wasnt even asking about balance druids. It simply said “druids” vaguely lumping all the specs together when he should have simply asked about 1 specific passive talent. You can clearly see me asking if he is talking about stellar drift or convoke because he isnt clear at all with what he refrencing.

Why do you think he was talking about feral druids casting and moving? obviously its about stellar drift being removed.

Correct - right now it’s tied to stellar drift. So with the removal of stellar drift, it that ability going away completely, or is it being replaced somehow?

I get the changes to boomkins, but being able to cast and move is hands down the most fun about that spec.

druids will feel pruned in DF. I think we lose the barkskin legendary effect… and we’ll have to sacrifice talents of spells we already have to get spells we already have and need slightly more for the situation. So less buttons for us. GOOD BYE HIBERNATE! and Innervate! Hello skull bash for resto.

I played the PTR we have more buttons than before, we are missing some things but overall we have more damaging abilities but it seems we have less utility. But yea the class tree really could do with some more pathing and the removal of the 3 point nodes