/cast macro not working

Hey guys,

So I’ve been creating really simple macros for my alt and they’ve all been working
/assist Jaimeselas
/cast Crusader Strike

A very simple macro on my alt to assist my main and cast a spell works fine with this and tons of other characters and toons. However, once I try to use it for Judgement, it no longer works?

/assist Jaimeselas
/cast Judgement

And I know the assist part is working because when I click it, it automatically targets the mob that Jaimeselas is targetting. After that nothing…checking spelling and everything, so confused. I’m wondering if this is a bug on the game’s end?

EDIT: Got it to work after shift clicking the spell instead of typing it in…then I realized judgment is spelled like that…not with an e in there judgement


I was just about to ask if you’d tried the other spelling for Judgement. (As you noted, it looks like the game uses the Judgment spelling.) Glad you got it working.

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