<Carried> Recruiting! 12/12H

** < Carried > ** is currently recruiting. 12/12H AOTC
We are looking for skilled, dedicated players who wish to see out the end of the expansion with a fun, relaxed guild environment.

Currently focused on Heroic Raiding & M+.

We have a large community and are always looking to add to it. We are very active outside of WoW and always down for a laugh and a fun time.

Family/RL First. No Pressure here.

If you can meet our raid times and want to push content, contact us!


Open recruitment on all classes.

Hunter High

Wanting to boost our M+ team pool so every class spec is welcome to apply.

Raid Times:

9pm - 12am EST Tuesday (Progression)
9pm - 12am EST Wednesday (Progression)
9pm - 12am EST Sunday (optional)

Again, if your looking for a new home, shoot us a message and jump in our overactive discord for a chat.


Inervision / soad#1404 - GM
Nufin / nufin#1644 - Officer
Onasis / onasis#11471 - Officer (Cat Enthusiast)


I feel targeted. But I do like cats :confused: still no void chonk.

Feel free to add on discord if that works as well :grin: Onasis#2890

Careful with this guild. Their players dont like being declined. So instead that swap to alts and when invited, Rip keys and leave. Dabura/Hokie if the leadership is curious

Don’t kick people after inviting them, waste my time, i waste yours