Capped with honor points. Don't know how to spend, where to go

Read there was some place called Oribos u can spend honor points, but no idea where that is, or how to get there. Seems to be part of shadowlands expansion, and I figure that is lvl 50 plus. Not there yet with my pvp focused character. Also, read the champ hall in sw u can spend it, but all I see are vendors that sell for marks, or gold. Plus the gear I’ll just out lvl b4 I have a set to make it worth it anyway. Thanks for any input.

0ribos is the main place where you first start. there is a pvp vendor in the middle ring 35.20 coords and yes its 50 plus

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Ok. I do have a lvl 50 character. Think it started the shadowlands campaign. If I spend with that character, will the items I get be soul bound? Feels like a waste to not make honor points, and pvp with my pvp character. Was hoping to make use out of the points with the character that mostly earned them.

what level is the character you have 15k honor on?

you can get trash pvp gear from bfa for a level 50 in stormwind from the fat chick with tentacles hanging off her face. people usually only really get this gear for the transmog.

if you dont want that transmog you’re trapped with honor cap until level 60.

a solution they could do for this is to just allow lower levels to buy the level 60 pvp gear before they hit 60.


Ok, yea, I didn’t care to blow it on trash gear. Thanks for input. Sucks, been having fun pvping mostly, but feel less motivated now. Guess mostly back to questing. Thanks for all the replies.

if you plan on only pvping to get from 50-60 you’ll get honor cap again! id def pick up some transmog from that vendor in stormwind if thats your plan!! the weapons are pretty cool lookin and wasting honor feel like doodoo.

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Yea, decided on transmog since I have it to spend. Can’t find the vendor in SW tho. It in Champ Hall?

“From the fat chick with tentacles hanging off her face” lolllllll

In oribos you can use 2000 honor to buy a lockbox that contains 5 marks of honor. You can use them to buy salt water potions etc.