Can't uninstall Wow Classic

I’m trying to completely remove WOW and Bnet from my computer. It allows me to uninstall Bnet app but it said I have to uninstall WOW from inside the Bnet app. So I reinstalled the Bnet app the remove WOW but it’s not giving me any options to do so. I try to remove WOW from Control Panel but it keeps giving me the pop up saying I have to remove it from inside the Bnet app. What is the deal with this? Why the F does Blizzard make it so complicated to do what should be a simple task of uninstalling?

So Blizzard tech I have two questions I would love answers to.

  1. How do I uninstall every aspect of your game from my computer

  2. What is the logic behind making it such a difficult process?


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The Blizzard launcher controls the install and uninstall features for our games. By using that tool, you should be able to uninstall any of the games you wish.

We often see a bug in the Windows Control Panel that causes programs to remain listed there even when they are already uninstalled. That sounds like what’s happening here. If the Launcher doesn’t detect any installed games, then they have probably already been removed. If that’s the case, you should be able to safely ignore the display bug in the Control Panel.

If you’re unsure, you can manually look through your program files. You are able to manually delete the game folders as well to remove them that way if you do find them.

There is no uninstall option in the launcher and there is no getting around the display bug in the Control Panel. I’ve gone in and tried to manually delete everything related to the game but when I go into Control Panel, World of Warcraft Classic is still showing, but still not allowing me to delete or uninstall.
It should not be this complicated.



If you’ve manually deleted the game files, then the game is uninstalled.

I still recommend just ignoring the display bug in the Control panel. It doesn’t actually take up space on your hard drive.

If you are concerned about the Windows display bug, the only steps I know that can sometimes work is to reinstall the game entirely and then uninstall it again. There’s a chance the bug won’t trigger when uninstalling and actually remove the program listed in the control panel. I don’t recommend this though since it’s a lot of effort and not even guaranteed to work.

In addition to re-installing the game and uninstalling it again, or just ignoring the listing, it is possible to remove it by deleting certain windows registry keys. While this is not complicated per se, you can screw up your computer by making mistakes when deleting registry keys, so you would want to be careful with what you were doing, and not do it if you were uncertain or uncomfortable. I don’t take responsibility here if you mess this up.

Here are windows instructions on how to do this, if you feel so inclined. There is one change from these instructions - the correct folder is slightly different from what they say. The correct registry entry is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ WOW6432Node \Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall but everything else is correct. Once you reach that folder, the warcraft key is easy to find as it is named World of Warcraft Classic (assuming that is what you want to remove.)