Can't Transmute

At Lab Bench. 3 out of 7 crafts available. Haven’t transmuted in like 2 days. I have mats. I click ‘Create’ and my character claps before doing nothing more. Occurs with no addons and a reset UI. Was transmuting turned off? If so, why is Azureweave not? That is also still bugged.

  • Alchemy
    • Transmutation crafts have been temporarily disabled in order to address an exploit. It is our top priority to resolve the underlying issue and re-enable Transmutations as soon as possible.

Thanks for the response.

But man I wish they just left professions alone if they’re gonna have to disable everything/ban people for seemingly intentional vagueness.


Unfortunately they need to disable them while fixing exploits. If they left them enabled there would be a lot more players exploiting it.

Glad I put all my points into transmutes… :frowning:


Still not working, is it really a priority?
Would have been nice to be able to respec profession point if you’re just gonna disable stuff for extended period of time…

They are trying to fix a bug, much like the tailoring one where the cooldown wasn’t kicking in. Personally, I’d rather them have it off so us poor Alchemists don’t end up suspended for overdoing it with the exploit like that banwave that went out the other day.

With bugs, they need to make sure it won’t break something else before it’s pushed through as a proper fix. Hopefully, when they do, it’ll be announced in one of the hotfix announcements.


How much longer is this going to take? Or at least reset our skill so we can specialize in something else other than transmutation

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I was thinking exactly the same. With the raid opening, phials are a nasty goldmine and I invest everything that I have in transmutation just to see it useless. Reset the freaking talents, at least. Or in compensation give a bunch of dragonshards of knowledge (I think we deserve it since we have several days with this issue) >:(

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Customer Support generally doesn’t have this information.


That would be a wonderful bandaid, but unfortunately, the people who make those decisions do not come to this forum. You can, however, post that up in the Professions forum, or even the Bug forum. Data is collected from either of those two sources, or things sent through the in-game suggestion and feedback interface.