Can't select any classic realm in realm selection tab

As title says, my realm list doesn’t contain any of the realms listed as wow classic realms. Is the window for creating new classic characters before launch closed or what? Why can’t I see any of them?

I was able to see mine. Rumor is, though, that they will open character creation up for a full compliment of 10 at T minus 5 hours from launch.

Guess I might hafta just wait til then? Weird tho, if you can see them :confused:

You have to install the Classic Client separately - just select World of Warcraft Classic under the Version dropdown on the BattleNet launcher.

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O… derp

ty mb guise xD

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I wonder how many people waiting till launch wont be able to figure that out.

Good catch. I was thinking he had classic installed, but no realms showing lol.

It was supposed to be 10am est to make more characters. I tried at about 10:15 and couldn’t. I’m going to give it another go in a minute.

I can see the ones I already made fine.

It’s at 10am on the west coast. It’ll be 1pm for you.


Not sounding like a rumor to me.

10 am is for PST time! :smiley:

TY. MB. though they have launch time listed as 6 EST. I hope that part is right at least. I see scheduled maint announcement for morning on there too

That part is right. I’m central and it launches at 4pm for me.

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