Can't log in - Wow51900319

I just renewed my subscription after being away for some time, and I can’t log in. As soon as I type in the info, it’s just an automatic disconnect, every time. My internet is fine, any help would be appreciated. WOW 51900319 is the error I get. I was fine when I first got on too, but it told my my addons were out of date, so I logged out, and can’t even get to the character screen.

All the other games connect and play fine. It’s only this one.

I’m not sure what this has to do with anything. I have the program already. I don’t have any files I need to unzip. My game has been installed. And I have played on it in December on this computer. I can’t log in when I hit play the character screen flashes and disconnects me. I just uninstalled everything and trying to reinstall the game now. What you posted is irrelevant to my problem.

Had two threads open at the same time.

First lets reset your Game to default cut and paste the following folders to you desktop. Interface, WTF and cache then test.

What AV program are you running? If you are running an aftermarket AV and firewall make sure Windows Firewall and Defender are turned off

I have fixed the issue by uninstalling battle net app and Warcraft and reinstall. I just logged in with no issues. I also turned off advanced stream detect on my Killer control center as advised by a blue post in a previous thread on this same exact issue.