Can't install wow companion

Not sure why but I cannot install the new companion on my pixel 6. Android 12.


My Pixel 5a with Android 12 is also unable to install the app.


Same here. Seems to pause between 60 and 70% and then fails. Android Os thank you suggestions on how to correct the error, but ultimately none of them work

Same thing. I just updated to Android 12 recently on my Pixel 3a.


We’re working on a fix for this issue, which appears to be an Android-only problem.

We’ll let you know as we make progress on it.


I have the same problem. Pixel 3a XL and Android 12. I can manually install an old version of the app 3.0.39893 that then requires an update but is not playable. The old version then fails the update. Manually installing the new version 3.0.40773 gives me a “There was a problem parsing the package.” error.

Same issue, pixel 5a with android 12.

Just adding that I have same issue, cannot update, uninstalled, tried to reinstall. Cannot do either. Pixel 6 Pro Android 12.

We’ve published a new build of the app for Android, and Android 12 users should be able to install again.

If you don’t yet see it, it should appear in the Google Play store very soon.


I can confirm that the new build (3.0.40928 updated 11-04-2021) installs and runs correctly. Pixel 3a XL Android 12.

Seems to be working for me too.

Thank God! Will give me something to do during my 5 hour infusion next Tuesday. =)

Also up and running