Can't get the Void/Special Cloak

This is my 1st 120 character and I recently just got a corrupted piece of gear. Wanted to use it but it makes my character have this weird blue effect. Someone told me that I had to get a special cloak so I could use the item but I can’t find the quest anywhere.

Looking online told me the quest should’ve popped up automatically but it didn’t. I tried re-logging multiple times, manually going to The Halls of Origination and the giant stab wound in Azeroth and nothing…

I’m at an utter loss as I can’t get this cloak that’s needed for corrupted gear and without it I guess I can’t go far in the end-game?

You have to do the first part of the Nazjatar questline and then Magni quests until you unlock essences in the chamber of heart. Then you’ll get the cloak questline. The cloak is 470 so try to get it asap.

As soon as you hit item level 410, I would queue for the LFR (raid finder) Ny’alotha raid. There are 12 bosses and they drop 430 gear.

Lastly, watch you tube before you attempt a horrific vision so you don’t fail and blow your vessels. Horrific visions come after the cloak, and they boost the corruption resistance and item level on the cloak so you can wear more corrupted gear. I would Get to 410+ before you start horrific visions.

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Ah, thank you!

Anytime! If your struggling at all on the cloak quest give beast mastery a try. BM is currently one of the top dps specs in the game. Also, if you click the adventure guide on the micro bar you can see the loot every dungeon and raid boss drops. This helps you decide which raid bosses to use bonus rolls on.

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