Can't get Ragnar-O's achievement

In order to get Rangar-O’s achievement, you need him to spawn 3x Living Meteors. These are spawned in the 3rd phase between 10-40% health.

Well, I’ve been sitting there with Rangoros on 18% health in Sulfuron Keep for like 10 min and no spawns at all. This is on 10 man normal. Second time now actually after resetting earlier, same deal though. He keeps auto attacking, doing engulfing flames and doing his smash. But doesn’t summon the adds at all.

How did you go with this one? Ive noticed when doing mine on normal as well i see the cast for Living Meteor but then nothing happens at all and he just resumes doing normal casts until beserk.

Is that what happens to you also?

I’m having the same issue. Both Normal and Heroic he will not summon living meteors. This must be a bug.

if its broken then 3 years later its still not fixed. Got him sitting at 14%, he tried to cast it once and it nothing happened aside that. I also just hit him once, to get him down to 14% and my best guess would be that I skipped a phase or mechanic that made him stall his mechanics