Can't get into Grommash Hold at 120 for summons to orgrimmar

So i was having a problem getting into Grommash hold on one of my toons. All the townsfolk are gathered round the doors asking what happened at Broken Shore. Only im 120 and spent a lot of time playing on this toon in legion so wtf mate. I couldn’t find any help in the forums about it but I figured it out. If you are having this problem, fly to the docks and there is a low level quest to pick up for a 120. What happened was I did the broken shore secenario but never did the funeral quest for vol’jin or w/e. There was a dude on the docks with a quest that took me to saurfang who was standing in front of the doors. Hope this helps.


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Hey man. I’m having the same problem and thank god I found your post. Took me ages don’t know why it wasn’t the first result on google. I got a question tho. You said just go to the docks. Do you mean the one right outside org? Thanks for the help m8!

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