Can't Find the Pandaren Cooking Dailies

I went to Halfhill and completed the “Ready for Greatness” questline. After that, the dailies unlocked, and I did do them. However, after I waited a day for the dailies to pop back up, they didn’t.

Did I do something wrong?

The reset time for dailies and everything else is 15:00 UTC for the US, Latin and Oceanic servers (15 UTC = 11am Eastern Daylight Savings time) and Wednesday 07:00 UTC for the European servers. Did you check after that?

Yes. That’s exactly what I did. The only quest that’s been there is “Replenishing the Pantry”. I even tried to do that, but the other dailies didn’t come back. It’s been two days, now.

I think there’s only one daily tied to learning cooking. (It rewards an ironpaw token.) The others are all tied to progress on the farm.

There are also dailies tied to things you can cook to build “friendship” with the various tillers. Those quests only show up if you have the stuff already made in your bags.

I don’t recall them being dailies per se, but ISTRC there is a no-more-than-once-per-day repeatable quest for each of the 6 "ways’ of cooking. They may not pop up until you have the turn in items collected and/or cooked.

It’s been a few years since I last chased cooking in MoP but I do recall farming a lot of meat and fish for those repeatables.

There is a separate achievement for maxing cooking in each of the 6 ways but to just max Pandaran cooking, you only need to max one way as your overall cooking skill corresponds to the skill you have with your highest way.

So basically, if I get my general cooking skill and one of the ways up, it’ll bring the dailies back?

I don’t know, but I think the blue ! for a way “daily” may not show up until you have the items for the quest ready to hand in. IIRC, each way has a specific requirement. The way of the pot may require 5 things made with paddlefish, the way of the oven, 5 things made with tiger meat, etc.

Like I said, it’s been a few years, but I think the way quests act more like rep quests where once you have x amount of something in your bags, the blue quest ! pops.

It might help if you told us which specific dailies you were able to do but now aren’t. There’s a lot going on at Halfhill.

I already did.

Replenishing the Pantry isn’t a daily. It’s a one time quest to show you the repeatable grocery bundle turn in for tokens. You can turn in as many grocery bundles as you have the mats for once you’ve done the initial quest.

It’s not related to the dailies at all. So, my original question remains? What specific dailies appear to be missing?

That quest has a blue question mark now, so all I can do is come back to it with groceries for tokens.

The last ones that I did had to do with all of the ways. After that, there weren’t anymore of them.

Blue question marks indicate repeatable quests. (These can be done as many times as you want as long as you have the needed turn in items.)

Blue exclamation points indicate dailies, which can be done once per day. (Keep in mind that some dailies are part of a pool of quests, so not every possible daily quest is always available.)\

The quests involved with the ways aren’t dailies/repeatable. They are just to let you progress your cooking skill with that way.

There are 10 hidden daily quests to turn in 5 of a specific food to one of the NPCs related to the Halfhill Farm. You will only see these if you have the food in your bag. (There’s a quest for each non-Brew way for the tier 1 and tier 2 food.) Each of these NPCs has a “home” out in the Valley of the Four Winds, but each day a couple of them will be in Halfhill. You can do these quests in either case, but you’ll always have to track down some of the NPCs at their home. (Gina Mudclaw and Jogu the Drunk are always at Halfhill.)

These quests only give rep with the NPC they are associated with. Increasing you friendship with the NPCs gets you some cosmetic upgrades at your farm and lets you get to know the NPC better through some extra quests.

There’s also one daily quest that will be in whatever area the farm dailies are in that rewards an Ironpaw Token. I don’t know if you need the farm dailies unlocked to see it. I don’t think it give Tillers rep.

Finally, there are the farm dailies. These require you to progress the farm quests to open up. You’ll get some from the people in Halfhill, Yoon will always have one, and Andi will always have one.

Edit: Here’s a guide for the tillers, that includes info on the friendship quests:

Do you have trivial quests checked under tracking?

Of course I do.