Can't find character

My character was on Classic US West-Thunderfury and now is no longer on any server. Is there any way to get my character back or transferred to another server, or is it lost forever? :frowning:

Have you tried creating a new character on Sulfuras to see if it helps repopulate the list after today’s consolidation?


Ill attempt to do so now, Thank you for the support

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I’m having the exact same problem. Missing characters from Thunderfury. They are just gone. Not on Sulfurus or any other realm.

Ah just saw on other forums that if you left your character on the realm before the merger, it could be 1-2 weeks before you can access them again.

Hi! They consolidated all of the realms today:( I also lost a few of my characters. I was a dummy and didn’t realize they were offering free realm transfers before the consolidation. Sounds like we may just have to wait a bit, until they finish the mashing of all of the realms!

See Vrak’s post here if you are still needing information on what is going on with Thunderfury Blessed Server of the Lost…


Indeed. Everything is currently being consolidated, which will take a bit of time. As soon as the process is complete you should have access to those characters once more.


Why can not get back on

Need to be more specific or open a new ticket your situation mite be completly different.

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