Can't do technoscrying world quests

I have completed the introductory quests and the world quests are now on my map, however I cannot start them because while the npc is sparkly they don’t have a dialogue option and I do not have any goggles. What have a missed?


I have the googles for that one because I still have other quests to do but again there is no dialog to start and I can’t seem to find anything. It may be just bugged.

I left the area - did the two quests I still had to do and came back and had no problem completing this.

The goggles are a highlighted quest item in your bag. It doesn’t autospawn the interface nor does the interface stay up easily. It’s buggy.

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Ah, found them hidden in everything in my bags… I should have done a search for them :woman_facepalming:
Thank you!

Anyone know what to do if they are not in your bags?

the chat command to turn on the goggles is “/use technoscryers” You do not have to have the goggles in your bag, or own them at all. Just be in the world quest zone

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