Can't delete spells once they're dragged off of action bar

I can drag spells and such off of and onto my action bars, but I want to delete it from my action bar completely. I used to be able to drag it to empty space away from the action bars and just click the empty space with it and it would disappear. Now, however, doing that doesn’t do anything, and I have no choice but to put it back in my action bar. Hitting ESC while the spell is held in the mouse over empty space just opens the game menu. Hitting delete does nothing. Locking and unlocking the action bar in the settings menu doesn’t do anything to help this issue. I try to search this issue, but every solution seems to be just drag it to empty space and it disappears, or to lock or unlock the action bars in the settings menu. But neither of these solve my problems. I want it to disappear when I drag to empty space, but it won’t disappear when I try to click to drop it.


Try Right-Clicking once you have dragged it to an empty spot.


This still doesn’t work to remove the new, area-specific shadowlands actions from my bar. They just pop back on. Am I the only person experiencing this? I can’t find help and it’s driving me nuts.

Sounds like either an addon or an overlay issue.

First step would be to do a complete reset of the UI.

The instructions in the article will have you back up your Addons and their settings so you can recover them if it turns out that it’s not an addon issue.

Just disabling Addons often leave residue that can screw things up the complete reset handles that as well.

It sounds as if something is interfering between the dragged spell and the background.
You can also try disabling any overlays from things like discord, video cards, mouse, etc…

I don’t think you can delete the zone wide Shadowlands abilities.

If you don’t actively use them, I simply stick them on bar 2 or the far right vertical action bar.