Can't Cancel Stealth

Logged in today and I can no longer cancel stealth on my rogue. I’ve reset my ui (both /console reloadui & deleted my wtf/interface/cache folders. I’m running zero addons.

The only way I can cancel stealth is to manually type “/cancelaura stealth”, which I should not have to do. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


I am also having this problem. I logged out and back in again and it ‘fixed’ the problem. Please actually fix this.

Same here, I can’t cancel stealth with the hotkey. I close the game and open it again but the bug isn’t going away. I can only cancel stealth with the /cancelaura command or by clicking with the right mouse button on the spell icon in top right of the screen. Blizzard welp!

Edit: It got fixed, thanks

how did yours get fixed? Im still having this issue its super annoying.

I dunno I didn’t do anything, the bug just ceased after some time.

I’ve had this bug 4 times today. Logging out fixes it, but it’s super inconvenient.

I put in a support ticket, they logged into my character and its worked since then. Not sure if the devs fixed something in the background before they got to it though.

I’m using a macro as a workaround.

#showtooltip Stealth
/cast Stealth
/cancelaura Stealth

Just be careful not to spam it or you’ll pop out right away.


It’s been happening since release. Might be something to do with the following:

  • Alt tabbing
  • Changed hotkey

Having this same issue

Might be my imagination, but it seems to have gotten worse lately.

i just noticed it couple of days ago. the only way i can get out of stealth is by attacking something or clicking on the stealth icon in the corner of my screen where i have my buffs. i wonder if its a bug from an addon?

I definitely have this issue on my rogue. It will NOT send me back to retail. I used to solve it by creating a potion and moving before it completed. Any action that normally breaks stealth will break it. Now I use the simple macro:

/cancelaura stealth

which seems to work consistently.

also add /dismount to your stealth macro. you have to hit it twice, but it made my life slightly easier.
#showtooltip Stealth
/cancelaura stealth
/cast stealth

interesting find!