Can't buy wow tokens

so yeah, i did go trough problem solving and i can’t find my issue here.
on a US server, from Canada.
I am being online, in-game, on a non-classic character, my payment method is okay, when i go into the ‘’ shop ‘’ panel < ‘’ wow token ‘’ < clicking the button ‘’ CAD 25$ ‘’, it log me to the shop with the blue background but doesnt show any info and gives me a black window, after a loading moment,the black window close and there is a mini page telling me my order is being processed and to come back later, yet i can’t find any purchase being applied to my hystoric or find any wow token in mail. tried to find answers on forum via precedent post, this specific issue and no solutions were applying to my case.

Try disabling any antivirus or firewall software active on your system before attempting to purchase more. They have a tendency to be overzealous and block the purchases.

Third party overlays like Discord, Nvidia, or Razer, etc. can also cause problems like this.

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i’ll try this, thanks for the info, also working on removing anti-virus for a moment to test.

deleting old version of synapse and downloading new version of synapse 3 made it work! Thanks a lot for this info, i did not find it while doing my research :smiley: